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Spray Drying Equipment

Spray drying equipment is a method of transforming liquids and slurries into powders with consistent quality and improved flowability. The process involves atomizing the feed material into droplets, which are then dried in a hot gas stream. The resulting powders have a narrow particle size distribution and can be used in a variety of applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals. Spray drying equipment is versatile, cost-effective, and can handle a wide range of feed ma

Mesin Spray Dryer

Mesin spray dryer is a drying method that involves spraying a liquid feed into a hot gas stream, producing fine powders with a uniform particle size. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to produce dry powders with minimal loss of volatile components.

Borosilicate Glass Reactor

A borosilicate glass reactor is a durable and transparent vessel used in various chemical reactions, including chemical synthesis, material testing, environmental testing, polymerization, and fermentation. It offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance and is cost-effective. Proper maintenance and safety are essential when using these reactors.

Xylene Recycling Machine

An innovative technology that captures and purifies xylene from waste streams, reducing environmental impact, improving product quality, and ensuring regulatory compliance in the chemical industry.

Alcohol Recovery Machine

A solvent recovery machine is a device used to reclaim solvents that have been used in industrial processes. It works by heating the solvent, causing it to vaporize, and then condensing the vapor back into a liquid form for reuse, reducing waste and saving money.

Mini Rotary Evaporator

A mini rotary evaporator is a compact laboratory apparatus used for distillation, solvent recovery, and concentration of liquid samples. It uses a rotating flask and a vacuum system to evaporate and condense the sample, and is ideal for small-scale experiments and research.

Harga Mesin Spray Dryer Mini

A harga mesin spray dryer mini is a specialized industrial equipment used to convert liquid or slurry materials into powder form through atomization, drying, particle separation, and collection. It has numerous applications in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, and chemicals, and can improve product quality and performance.

Buy Spray Dryer

Buying a spray dryer involves considering factors such as type, material compatibility, capacity, maintenance, cost, and energy efficiency to ensure the right machine for your needs and budget.

Commercial Spray Dryer

A commercial spray dryer is an industrial machine that uses a process of atomization and drying to transform liquid or slurry products into powders for use in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and chemicals.

Spray Dryer Price

Spray dryers are essential equipment in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical production. These devices are designed to quickly dry liquids into fine powders, ideal for the production of products such as instant coffee, protein powder and milk powder.

Lab Scale Spray Dryer Price

Lab scale spray dryers can be used in a wide range of applications, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. Production experiments such as milk powder, coffee, starch, protein, serum, spices, dyes, detergents, surfactants, pesticides, etc.

Spray Dryer Pilot Plant

The spray dryer pilot plant is a device that can complete drying and granulation at the same time. According to the process requirements, the pressure, flow rate, and size of the nozzle hole can be adjusted to obtain the required spherical particles in a certain size ratio. ZZKD provides a small spray dryer pilot plant and a small spray dryer pilot plant in the laboratory, which can meet the different needs of customers, and welcome your consultation.

Rotary Evaporator For Extraction

Rotary evaporators are especially suitable for the concentration and chromatography of extracts. It can be used for reflux operation, rapid evaporation of a large amount of solvent, concentration of trace components and reaction process that requires stirring, etc.

How Does A Rotavapor System Work?

Rotary evaporators are widely used in biology, medicine, chemical industry, food and other fields. They can be used for distillation, concentration, drying and recovery. They are commonly used laboratory equipment.

What is the use of laboratory scale spray dryer?

The laboratory spray dryer is small in size, not easy to block, beautiful in appearance, precise in control, and the outer wall of the glass bottle is the best choice for laboratory drying experiments

How To Choose A Home Use Freeze Dryer?

Still looking for a home freeze dryer? Still fidgeting about which freeze dryer to choose? ZZKD will provide you with detailed selection methods, let's start walking into the world of freeze dryers.

High Pressure Stainless Steel Reactor

The high-pressure stainless steel reaction kettle fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that could not be overcome by packing seals and mechanical seals. The high-pressure reactor is an ideal device for chemical reactions under high temperature and high pressure in China.

Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price

Today, I will introduce the classification and price of our laboratory vacuum pumps. Today, we will mainly introduce three laboratory vacuum pumps: circulating water vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and diaphragm vacuum pump.

Mini Milk Spray Dryer Machine

The laboratory stainless steel spray dryer is mainly used for the production of particulate powder in the laboratories of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, food, medicine, chemical and other enterprises.

Short Path Distillation Kit For Sale

Short-path distillation can replace conventional falling film evaporators for the distillation, purification, concentration and decolorization of petrochemical and chemical products.

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