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How To Extraction Of Lemongrass Oil By Steam Distillation?

The market's growing demand for lemongrass oil extraction, do you know the lemongrass oil extraction process? How to choose the best essential oil extractor?

Single Layer / Double-layer 20l Glass Response Kettle

S-10L S-20L S-30L S-50L double-layer glass reactor is a new kind of frequency conversion speed-regulated double-layer glass reactor developed and produced by our firm.

How To Use A Short Path Distillation Kit?

Molecular distillation equipment is especially used for the extraction of natural health products, which can get rid of the limitation of chemical treatment methods and truly maintain the natural characteristics.

How to use a rotary evaporator?

Vacuum extraction: According to the process requirements, the higher the vacuum degree, the faster the evaporation rate. The recovery rate can be improved by fine-tuning. Feeding: Connect the leather tube with the feed tube (compatible with the solvent) into the reservoir and use the negative pressure in the system without utilizing the negative pressure in the system. Break ingredients into swirling bottles. The capacity is generally not more than half.

Where To Buy A Cheap Laboratory Freeze Dryer?

Experimental freeze dryers are widely used in laboratory scientific research and technical fields such as biopharmaceuticals, chemicals and food. The principle of the instrument is to first freeze the water-containing material into a solid state, and then sublime the water in it from the solid state to the gaseous state, thereby removing the water and preserving the material.

Industrial Spray Dryer Machine Supplier

Generally speaking, there are five types of nozzle atomization in small spray dryers: vertical countercurrent, vertical mixed flow, vertical descending co-current rotary disc atomization, vertical descending co-current nozzle atomization, and horizontal co-current nozzle atomization.

Desktop Laboratory Excessive Temperature Blast Drying Oven

Vacuum drying oven and blast drying oven are two kinds of drying equipment commonly used in our laboratory. When we choose a drying oven, we must understand the difference and application range between the vacuum drying oven and the blast drying oven.

Glass Reactor, Pilot Plant Reactor , Jacketed Reactor

With reference to the latest technology, our company has designed and manufactured a 1-50L double-layer glass reactor, and its matching heating-cooling-refrigeration cycle device. It has independent intellectual property rights, and users are welcome to choose it.

Quick Path Distillation Kits & Equipment For Sale

Since the short-path distillation system is a short-path distillation technique, it can be used as a extraction device for hemp oil to save tons of prices and improve recovery. As a manufacturer of laboratory gear, short-path distillation unit is certainly one of our firm's major tools.

Lab Cbd Rotary Evaporator Distillation Instrument

Rotating evaporator is usually used for concentration, drying, crystallization, separation, and solvent recovery within the pharmaceutical, chemical, and organic pharmaceutical industries.

What is freeze drying?

The laboratory freeze dryer is a way for drying by the precept of sublimation. It is a means of rapidly freezing the dried material at a low temperature after which immediately sublimating the frozen water molecules into water vapor in a correct vacuum setting.

how to use horizontal spray dryer machine?

In a common spray dryer, there will be an atomizer. The quality of the atomizer directly affects the success of material drying. So, what are the common atomization methods? There are three kinds of conventional atomization methods: rotary atomization, pressure atomization and airflow atomization.

Heating & Drying Ovens For Laboratory & Industry

The use of drying ovens is a crucial step in many production processes. Drying helps take away moisture content material from coatings and varied substrates whereas also sterilizing a wide selection of lab gear and supplies. Reduction and control of moisture levels in strong materials via heated drying is an important process in the manufacture of many supplies. Drying is used for a variety of purposes along an array of industries.

20l jacketed glass reactor for sale

Glass reactors are ideal equipment for modern chemical sample experiments, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis. They are widely used in laboratories. We have talked about the classification and selection of reactors. Let's take a closer look at the following issues:

Advantages and prices of 50L rotary evaporators

Evaporators consisting of a vacuum pump and a rotating flask that is used to softly and efficiently evaporate solvents from a solution. Includes features corresponding to digital management of vacuum, pace, and temperature. Apart from the rotary evaporator, a vacuum source should be related to scale back the strain throughout the evaporation system, permitting samples to boil at a lower temperature.

freeze dryer accessories and solutions

Freeze drying tools often recognized as lyophilizer or vacuum freeze dryer is the tools for materials dehydration. Putting the material in vacuum situation after it was frozen to required temperature. Finally vapor from the material was absorbed by water-catcher, thus the fabric is dried.

Industrial&food&Centrifugal spray dryer supplier

Spray dryer is widely used in chemical, light industry, food and other industrial production, because it can produce uniform powder products directly from solution or suspension.A spray dryer consists of a feed pump, atomizer, air heater, air dispenser, drying chamber, and techniques for exhaust air cleansing and powder recovery/separator.

Drying Ovens & Industrial Drying Oven

We provide batch ovens, steady ovens, cure ovens, bake ovens, and dry-off ovens. Batch ovens are fitted to drying quite a lot of parts for industrial, clinical, and research wants similar to timber, ceramics, powders, sands and soils, prescription drugs, and so on. The shell is made of high of the range cold-rolled metal with environmental electrostatic spray remedy. With a large angle remark window, timer, over-temperature alarm perform. Two models material mirror chrome steel and ordinary cold

20l glass lab reactor manufacturer

The glass reactor uses a constant temperature oil bath pot or a low-temperature circulating pump to cyclically heat and cool the reactants through the interlayer of the reactor, so that the temperature control of the reactants in the reactor reaches a high level, which is very important for the efficiency and quality of experiments or production. There is a significant improvement.

1l complete short path distillation kit

Short-path distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology carried out under high vacuum. The evaporated molecules escaped by heat reach the condenser through a short distance (much larger than the average free path of the molecules) and then condense rapidly to realize the mixture. Efficient separation.Unlike conventional distillation and evaporation, short-path distillation process overcomes the constraints of gas-liquid equilibrium and has a higher mass transfer driving force.

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