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N-1100D rotary evaporator

N-1100D rotary evaporator

N-1100D is a small rotary evaporator (mini rotary evaporator), small in size, suitable for vacuum distillation extraction of small materials.


N-1100D rotovap is a small rotary evaporator sold directly by our company, also called mini rotary evaporator.The price is cheap, the operation is simple, the quality is stable, economical and practical, and it is an important equipment for separation, crystallization, drying, purification, recycling and other operations in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry and chemical engineering.


1. ce, iso certified product patent certificate.
2. The rotating bottle can be raised and lowered manually or electrically, with knob button adjustment, digital display, and more convenient operation.
3. Rotating bottle 0.5-2L, receiving bottle 1L, small capacity, suitable for vacuum distillation extraction of small materials.
4. The weight is only 9.5kg, the volume is small, and it does not take up space.
5. The bracket is made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The rotating bottle, receiving bottle and condenser are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is not easy to break.
6. The motor and circuit adopt imported products, and can be upgraded to explosion-proof, safer and longer service life.

rotovap for sale

mini rotary evaporator

small rotovap

This machine adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and electronic speed regulation, which can ensure the stable operation of the motor. So this machine has a high evaporation rate, high recovery.

Bath can reduce the damage degree in the lifting process. During the evaporation of low boiling point, collecting bottles can be immersed in the bath, which can reduce the secondary evaporation.

rotovap 2l

Using Japanese technology - AC induction motor,stepless speed regulation, no brush, no spark, can work a long time effectively.

rotovap 5L

The collecting bottle is connected by mouth ball milling, easy loading, and unloading, and it has high sealing.

rotovap 10L

Rotary evaporator chassis, bath, main rod, shaft are made of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, and corrosion resistance.

rotovap price

Intelligent temperature control, water and oil bath, more widely-used. The temperature fluctuation is relatively small, only土0.2°℃, evaporation is more stable, not easy to wash away the material.

After sale:

Free maintenance for life.

Technical engineers can receive overseas training.

Remote technical consultation.

Video guide installation.

Free replacement of some accessories.

Grouped equipment

N-1100D rotovapDLSB-5/10 Low temperature coolant circulation pump and SHZ-D (Ⅲ) circulating water vacuum pump.


1. What is the working principle of the rotary evaporator?

It is heated under constant temperature and rotated under negative pressure to form a film, and at the same time, the solvent is evaporated and condensed for recovery.It is especially suitable for concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat-sensitive materials.2. What are the uses of the rotary evaporator?

2. What are the uses of the rotary evaporator?

It is generally used for separation, crystallization, drying, purification and other operations in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical and chemical industries.

3. What are the accessories for the glass part of the rotary evaporator?

Condenser, rotating bottle, receiving bottle, four-way bottle, feeding piston (with PTFE tube), glass through shaft.

4. What are the characteristics of the new rotary evaporator?

The water bath is electric lifting, beautiful appearance, the motor part is driven by a belt, and the rotation is quieter, the controller is easier to use, the water bath is equipped with an insulation cover, the sealing part is an imported flange, and the sealing is better.

5. What are the supporting equipment of the rotary evaporator?

DLSB cryogenic coolant circulation pump, SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump, shz-d(iii) circulating water vacuum pump



Rotary speed(Rpm)


Evaporating speed(ml/min)


Achievable vacuum(Pa)

399.9 (below 3mmHg)

Temperature range(℃)

Room temp~100

Temperature display

Keypad input  Digital display


Knob setting ,Digital display

Safety functions


Functions of lifting table

Weight balancing Gliding elevating+ manual lifting

Rotary motor(W)


Heater wattage(KW)


Condenser model

Lean type water refrigerating

Rotary bottle(L)


Collecting bottle(L)


Vacuum sealing

Double sealing rings made of Teflon+ Vinton materials

Water Bath size and volume(L)


Elevating stroke(mm)


Ambient temperature(℃)


Dimensions (mm)




Power Supply(V/Hz)


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