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Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporator

Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporator

D-RE-1010 D-RE-1020 D-RE-1050 rotary evaporator are the laboratory equipment sold by our company, with 10L 20L 50L capacity optional, and Power supply includes 220V50HZ and 110V 60HZ.

D-RE-1002 D-RE-2002 D-RE-5002 explosion-proof rotary evaporator is a rotary evaporator independently developed by our company. There are two main and auxiliary condensers and two receiving bottles. When purchasing our rotary evaporator, you can choose the matching explosion-proof setting, the purpose is to make the motor of the rotary evaporator run more safely. Customizable, cheap, easy to operate, stable in quality, economical and practical, it is an important equipment for separation, crystallization, drying, purification, recovery and other operations in the industry. Widely used in biopharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry and chemical engineering and other fields.

explosion proof rotary evaporator

Structural features of explosion proof rotary evaporator:

·Explosion proof rotary evaporator adopts polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber composite seal, which can maintain high vacuum.

·The explosion proof rotary evaporator adopts a high-efficiency condenser to ensure a high recovery rate.

· Continuous feeding is possible.

·Water bath digital constant temperature control.

·The explosion proof rotary evaporator has a reasonable structure and exquisite materials. A large number of stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts are used in the mechanical structure, and all glass parts are made of high temperature resistant high boron glass. The rubber sealing rings in the key parts of the electrical appliances are all made of new materials, which is convenient for users to purchase and replace.

rotary evaporator

Explosion proof rotary evaporator product features:

·The glass components of the explosion proof rotary evaporator are all high borosilicate glass, which has excellent physical and chemical properties.

·LCD display, digital display of temperature and speed, one-button jog shuttle setting.

·Main cooling + auxiliary cooling, high-efficiency three-reflux condenser, large condensation area and high recovery rate.

·The three-way bottle made of high borosilicate glass acts as a buffer to prevent the material in the rotating bottle from entering the condenser due to boiling, so as to ensure normal distillation.

·Explosion proof rotary evaporator adopts "Teflon + fluorine rubber double sealing ring" to ensure sealing.

·The interface design of the collection bottle is reasonable, which can realize the discharge of the collection liquid without affecting the continuous distillation process.

·The explosion proof grade of motor, heater and electric control box is ExdⅡBT4.

·The bathtub adopts electric lifting, with liquid level protection and anti-dry function.

·The discharge valve is made of Teflon material, which is corrosion-resistant and pollution-free.

·The glass components are connected by fast-installed flanges, which are very convenient for disassembly and assembly.

·Explosion proof rotary evaporator has a caster structure with brakes, which is convenient for moving equipment and installing and positioning.

rotary evaporator

Maintenance method of explosion proof rotary evaporator:

·Before using the explosion proof rotary evaporator, carefully check the instrument, whether the glass bottle is damaged, whether the interface is consistent, and handle it with care.

·Wipe each interface with a soft cloth (you can replace it with a napkin), and then apply a little vacuum grease. After use, it must be covered with vacuum grease to prevent lime sand from entering.

·The joint of the explosion-proof rotary evaporator should not be tightened too tightly, but should be loosened regularly to avoid long-term locking of the joint.

·Turn on the power switch first, let the machine run from slow to fast. When parking, first stop the machine and then turn off the switch.

·The PTFE switches everywhere should not be screwed too tightly, otherwise the glass will be easily damaged.

·After each use of the explosion proof rotary evaporator, you must use a soft cloth to wipe off various oil stains, stains, and solvent residues on the surface of the machine, and keep it clean.

Grouped equipment:

D-R-1002 rotary evaporator: DLSB-20/30 chiller and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

D-R-2002 rotary evaporator: DLSB-30/30 chiller and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

D-R-5002 rotary evaporator: DLSB-50/30 chiller and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

explosion proof rotary evaporator


1. What is the working principle of the explosion proof rotary evaporator?

Heating at constant temperature, rotating under negative pressure to form a film, and at the same time, the solvent is evaporated, condensed and recovered. It is especially suitable for the concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery of heat-sensitive materials.

2. What are the uses of explosion proof rotary evaporator?

It is generally used for separation, crystallization, drying, purification and other operations in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, chemical and other industries.

3. What are the components of the explosion proof rotary evaporator?

Glass parts, water bath parts, sealing parts, motor parts.

4. What type of condenser is the explosion proof rotary evaporator? How's the effect?

Generally speaking, our rotary evaporators are equipped with serpentine condensers, which have faster cooling speed and better cooling effect.

5. What is the conventional vacuum degree of the explosion proof rotary evaporator?

The maximum vacuum degree is 399.9 (below 3mmHg).





Evaporating FlaskL




     Receiving FlaskL




Rotating Motor(W)


Rotating Speed(R/MIN)




Water(Oil) Bath Power(W)




Temperature Control Range


Temperature Fluctuation(℃)



Evaporation Rate(H2O)





Double main condenser, One vice condenser

Lifting Mode

Water(Oil) Bath Mannal Lifting

Lifing Height(mm)






Sealing Mode

PTFE,Fluoro Rubber Sealing


Customized configuration is available

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