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Large Scale Rotary Evaporator

Large Scale Rotary Evaporator

D-R-1010 D-R-1020 D-R-1050 rotary evaporator are our company’s hot selling laboratory equipment, with 10L 20L 50L capacity optional.

D-R-1010 rotary evaporator D-R-1020 rotary evaporator D-R-1050 rotary evaporator is a rotary evaporator independently developed by our company, with two receiving bottles and two condensers. Cheap price, simple operation, stable quality, economical and practical. It is an important equipment for separation, crystallization, drying, purification, recovery and other operations in the fields of biopharmaceutical, medicine, chemistry and chemical industry. The highest vacuum degree is below 3Mpa.

How to use a large rotary evaporator:

1. Preparation:

After assembling the machine, connect the cryopump and vacuum pump according to the connection diagram of the supporting equipment;

Turn on the cryopump (see the instruction manual of the cryopump for details);

·Turn on the vacuum pump, (refer to the manual of the vacuum pump for specific operation), start vacuuming, and observe the reading of the vacuum gauge. When the vacuum gauge maintains the maximum vacuum for a period of time, it indicates that the equipment is well sealed and can start feeding.

2. Feeding:

First pump the rotary evaporator into a negative pressure state, connect the feeding valve with the sample to be added with a hose, open the valve of the feeding valve, the sample will be directly pumped into the rotary bottle, and close the feeding after the feeding is completed valve valve. It is recommended to add no more than one-half of the spinner bottle each time.

large scale rotary evaporator

3. Operate the heating bath:

·Adjust the height of the bath so that the rotary bottle is placed in the water bath.

Adjustment method: manual lifting, turn the lifting wheel on the heating bath, clockwise to rise, reverse to fall.

·Pour pure water into the bath, submerge 1/2 of the spinner bottle, just don't overflow.

·Turn on the power supply of the heating bath.

·Set the temperature through the temperature controller on the right side of the heating bath.

·Turn the heating switch to the "1 HEATING"/"2 HEATING" position to start heating. There is no difference in the functions of the two gears.

4. Operation rotation:

·First turn the speed control knob on the speed control box to the minimum left, then turn on the power of the rotating motor, turn it up to turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, the display screen of the speed control box is on, and then slowly turn right to the required speed .

·Feeding without stopping. After the rotary evaporator works normally for a period of time, the raw material solution in the rotary bottle may have been evaporated, but there is still a lot of space in the receiving bottle. When you want to evaporate some raw material solution but do not want to start vacuuming again, please repeat Addition method of step 2.

large scale rotary evaporator

5. Downtime:

·First turn the heating switch to the "OFF" position to stop heating the heating bath;

Then slowly turn the speed control knob to the left until it stops rotating, and turn off the rotary switch;

Open the inlet and outlet valves of the receiving bottle to release the vacuum inside the rotary steamer;

·Finally turn off the vacuum pump and cryopump.

·Turn the lifting wheel of the heating bath counterclockwise to lower the height of the heating bath so that the rotating bottle is away from the heating bath. (After turning off the heating, the water bath or spinner bottle will not cool down immediately, it is still at high temperature, be careful of burns!).

·Removal of the spinner bottle, After the water bath and the spinner bottle cool down, remove the bath, hold the spinner bottle, remove the flange that fixes the spinner bottle, and remove the spinner bottle.

·Removal of the receiving bottle, take the receiving bottle, unscrew the bracket, unscrew the French joint, and remove the receiving bottle.

·Disposal after shutdown: When not in use for a long time, please turn off and disconnect the power supply.

Supporting equipment for large rotary evaporator:

D-R-1010 rotary evaporator: DLSB-20/30 low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

D-R-1020 rotary evaporator: DLSB-30/30 low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

D-R-1050 rotary evaporator: DLSB-50/30 low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump and SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump.

supporting facilities pump


1. What are the uses of rotary evaporator?

It is generally used for separation, crystallization, drying, purification and other operations in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, chemical and other industries.

2. What reaction is the rotary evaporator generally used for?

Solid-liquid separation, strong acid or weak base reaction. Can not carry out strong alkali reaction, liquid-liquid separation, no azeotrope.

3. How to choose the capacity of D-R-1010 D-R-1020 D-R-1050?

D-R-1010 Rotary bottle 10L, receiving bottle 5L

D-R-1010 Rotary bottle 20L, receiving bottle 10L

D-R-1010 Rotary bottle 50L, receiving bottle 20L

The choice of capacity depends on your specific use and needs, and we can also customize according to your requirements.

4. What is the difference between D-R-1010 1020 1050 and R-1010 1020 1050?

D-R-1010 1020 1050 has one more receiving bottle than R-1010 1020 1050, with two receiving bottles and two condensers. It can switch the receiving bottle during operation.






Optimum ambient temperature


Working power supply (V/Hz)

Single phase 220/60

Three phase 220-240V/380v/60Hz

Main engine speed control

Digital direct current stepless speed

Main engine speed (RPM)



Rotary electric machine (W)

Brushless 250

Temperature control ()

Digital display temperature control,room temperature -99

Maximum vacuum (Pa)

399.9(Below 3mmHg)

Rotating bottle (L)




Flange Size

Flange 125

Flange 125

Flange 125

Recovery bottle (L)




Condenser tube

Vertical double main condensers + one auxiliary condenser, High effeciency reflux coil condensers

Evaporation capacity (L/h)

The water is more than 3. 2
The alcohol is more than 6.5

The water is more than 5
The alcohol is more than 11

The water is more than 9
The alcohol is more than 19

Water bath pot material

Stainless steel

Water bath pot size (mm)




Lifting function

Electric lift

Electric + hand lift

Lift stick (mm)




Whole power (KW)




Outline dimension (mm)





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