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2l Rotovap Machine

2l Rotovap Machine

The 2L Rotovap Machine is a versatile laboratory instrument designed for solvent evaporation and concentration. It offers precise temperature control, efficient condensation, and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for research laboratories and small-scale production facilities.

2L Rotovap Machine Introduction:

The 2L Rotovap machine, also known as a 2-liter rotary evaporator, is a widely used laboratory instrument for solvent evaporation. It is specifically designed for small-scale evaporation applications, making it suitable for research laboratories, educational institutions, and small production facilities.

The primary purpose of a Rotovap machine is to evaporate solvents from liquid samples, leaving behind the desired compounds or substances. This process is commonly used in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food science, and other scientific fields for tasks such as concentration, purification, and extraction of substances.

2L Rotovap Machine

Key components of a 2L Rotovap machine include:

Rotary Flask: This is the main container where the sample to be evaporated is placed. It is typically made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The 2-liter capacity allows for handling small to moderate sample sizes.

Water Bath: The water bath provides a temperature-controlled environment for the rotary flask. It is filled with water or heat transfer fluid and heated using an integrated heating element or an external bath circulator. Precise temperature control is crucial for optimizing evaporation conditions.

Evaporating Flask: The evaporating flask connects to the rotary flask and holds the sample or solvent to be evaporated. It is designed to maximize the surface area exposed to heat and facilitate efficient evaporation.

Condenser: The condenser is a critical component that cools the evaporated solvent vapor, causing it to condense back into liquid form. It typically consists of a coil or a glass tube with a large cooling surface. The cooling can be achieved using a recirculating chiller or a cold water source.

Vacuum System: The Rotovap machine operates under reduced pressure to lower the boiling point of the solvent, allowing for gentle evaporation at lower temperatures. A vacuum pump is employed to create and maintain the desired vacuum level within the system, enhancing the efficiency of solvent evaporation.

Collection Flask: The condensed liquid solvent is collected in a separate flask after passing through the condenser. The collection flask is placed at the outlet of the condenser and can be easily detached and replaced when necessary.

Rotating Motor: The rotary flask is rotated by a motor, which allows for continuous and uniform mixing of the sample during evaporation. The rotation enhances the surface area exposed to the evaporative process, leading to faster and more efficient solvent removal.

Control Panel: The Rotovap machine is equipped with a control panel that enables users to set and monitor various parameters such as rotation speed, bath temperature, vacuum level, and time. It offers precise control over the evaporation process, ensuring optimal conditions for different applications.

2l rotary evaporator

2L Rotovap Machine Features:

The 2L Rotovap machine offers several features that make it a versatile and efficient laboratory instrument for solvent evaporation. Here are some of its key features:

1. Compact Size: The 2L Rotovap machine is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it suitable for laboratories with limited bench space or for portable applications. Its smaller size allows for easy integration into existing setups or use in smaller-scale experiments.

2. 2-Liter Capacity: The machine is equipped with a 2-liter rotary flask, providing a sufficient capacity for handling small to moderate sample sizes. This makes it ideal for research laboratories, educational institutions, and small-scale production facilities that require evaporation of smaller volumes of solvents.

3. Precise Temperature Control: The Rotovap machine features a water bath or heating bath with a temperature control system. This allows users to set and maintain precise temperature conditions for the evaporation process. Temperature control is crucial for achieving optimal evaporation rates and preventing sample degradation.

4. Efficient Condensation: The condenser of the Rotovap machine is designed to provide efficient cooling and condensation of the solvent vapor. It maximizes the surface area for heat exchange and effectively converts the vapor back into liquid form, ready for collection. Efficient condensation ensures high recovery rates and minimizes solvent loss.

5. Vacuum System: The Rotovap machine is equipped with a vacuum system that enables evaporation at reduced pressure. This lowers the boiling point of the solvent, facilitating gentle and efficient evaporation at lower temperatures. The vacuum system typically includes a vacuum pump and controls for adjusting the vacuum level.

6. Variable Rotation Speed: The machine allows users to control the rotation speed of the rotary flask. Adjustable rotation speed ensures optimal mixing and exposure of the sample to the evaporation surface, promoting efficient solvent removal. Different samples and solvents may require specific rotation speeds for optimal results.

7. User-Friendly Control Panel: The Rotovap machine features a user-friendly control panel that allows easy operation and monitoring of essential parameters. The control panel typically includes buttons or a touchscreen interface for setting and adjusting parameters such as rotation speed, temperature, vacuum level, and time.

8. Safety Features: Many Rotovap machines incorporate safety features to protect users and prevent accidents. These may include overheat protection, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and safety interlocks to ensure safe and reliable operation.

9. Versatility and Compatibility: The 2L Rotovap machine is compatible with a wide range of solvents and sample types. It can be used for concentration, purification, and solvent recovery across various scientific disciplines such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food science. It is compatible with a range of glassware and accessories to accommodate specific applications.

10. Easy Maintenance: The Rotovap machine is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The glassware components can be disassembled and cleaned separately, and the machine itself typically requires minimal routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

These features make the 2L Rotovap machine a reliable and efficient tool for solvent evaporation, providing researchers and scientists with precise control and high-quality results in their experiments and processes.

2L Rotovap machine Features

2L Rotovap Machine Application:

The 2L Rotovap machine finds application in various scientific fields where solvent evaporation, concentration, and purification are required. Some common applications of the 2L Rotovap machine include:

1. Solvent Recovery: The Rotovap machine is widely used for recovering solvents from samples or reaction mixtures. It allows for efficient removal of solvents, enabling their reuse and reducing waste generation. Solvent recovery is essential in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis, and manufacturing processes.

2. Concentration of Solutions: The Rotovap machine is employed for concentrating solutions by evaporating the solvent. It is useful when working with dilute solutions or when concentrating valuable compounds or extracts. Concentration is commonly performed in chemistry, biochemistry, and environmental analysis.

3. Extraction and Purification: The Rotovap machine is utilized in extraction processes to separate desired compounds from natural products, such as plant extracts. It enables the removal of solvents, leaving behind the concentrated extracts. This is particularly valuable in the pharmaceutical, herbal medicine, and food industries.

4. Sample Preparation in Analytical Chemistry: Prior to analysis, some samples need to be concentrated or purified to increase analyte concentrations or remove interfering substances. The Rotovap machine is used for sample preparation in analytical chemistry, enhancing the detection limits and accuracy of subsequent analyses.

5. Essential Oil Extraction: The Rotovap machine is commonly employed for extracting essential oils from plant materials. It allows for gentle evaporation of the solvent, preserving the delicate aroma and properties of the oils. This is crucial in industries such as perfumery, aromatherapy, and cosmetics.

6. Research and Development: The Rotovap machine serves as a valuable tool in research and development laboratories for various applications. It enables scientists to concentrate or purify compounds, study reaction kinetics, determine molecular weights, and investigate solubility parameters.

7. Teaching and Training: The 2L Rotovap machine is often utilized in educational institutions for teaching purposes. It helps students understand principles of solvent evaporation, concentration techniques, and laboratory-scale operations.

It's important to note that while the 2L Rotovap machine is versatile and widely used, the specific applications may vary depending on the nature of the samples and research objectives. Additionally, appropriate safety precautions should always be followed when operating the machine to ensure the well-being of the users and maintain a safe working environment.

Supporting Equipment for 2L Rotovap Machine:

DLSB-5/10 Refrigerated Circulator

Storage Volume: 5L

Low temperature range: -10℃~RT

Refrigeration capacity: 280~620W

Rated Power: 420W

SHZ-D(Ⅲ) Water Circulating Vacuum Pump

Power: 180W

Flow(L/min): 60

Lift(m): 8

Max.Vacuum(Mpa): 0.098

Tank Capacity: 15L

2l rotary evaporator

Case : ZZKD Company Selling 2L Rotovap Machine to a Canadian Customer

Customer Situation:

In this case, ZZKD Company, a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, successfully sold a 2L Rotovap Machine to an American customer, a research laboratory at a renowned university in the United States. The customer was seeking a reliable and efficient solution for solvent evaporation and concentration in their research projects.

The customer's laboratory focused on pharmaceutical research, specifically in the area of natural product extraction and purification. They needed a compact yet high-performance rotary evaporator that could handle small to moderate sample sizes and offer precise control over temperature, vacuum, and rotation speed.

ZZKD Company Solution:

ZZKD Company recommended their 2L Rotovap Machine, which perfectly matched the customer's requirements. The compact design of the machine suited the limited bench space available in the customer's laboratory, while the 2-liter capacity was sufficient for their sample sizes.

The 2L Rotovap Machine offered advanced features such as precise temperature control, efficient condensation, variable rotation speed, and a user-friendly control panel. These features ensured optimal evaporation conditions and enhanced the customer's ability to recover solvents, concentrate extracts, and purify natural compounds.

2L Rotovap Machine Supporting Equipment

Customer Feedback:

Following the successful installation and operation of the 2L Rotovap Machine, the American customer provided positive feedback on their experience with ZZKD Company. They expressed satisfaction with the performance and reliability of the machine, meeting their specific research needs.

The customer appreciated the precise temperature control, which allowed them to maintain optimal evaporation conditions for their samples. They also praised the efficient condensation system, as it ensured high solvent recovery rates and minimized solvent loss during the evaporation process.

The variable rotation speed feature of the Rotovap machine was particularly valued by the customer, as it provided flexibility to adjust the rotation speed based on different sample types and solvent properties. This allowed them to achieve efficient and uniform evaporation across various experiments.

The customer also commended the user-friendly control panel, which made it easy to set and monitor the machine's parameters. The clear interface and intuitive controls simplified their workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.

Overall, the American customer expressed their satisfaction with the 2L Rotovap Machine and acknowledged ZZKD Company's professionalism in delivering a high-quality product that met their specific requirements. They praised the machine's performance, ease of use, and its contribution to their research endeavors.

This successful case exemplifies ZZKD Company's commitment to providing innovative and reliable laboratory equipment solutions, meeting the diverse needs of their global customer base.


1. What is the maximum sample size that can be accommodated in a 2L Rotovap machine?

The 2L Rotovap machine is designed to handle sample sizes up to 2 liters. It is ideal for small to moderate sample volumes commonly used in research laboratories. If larger sample sizes are required, it is advisable to consider a Rotovap machine with a larger flask capacity.

2. Can I use the 2L Rotovap machine for both high- and low-boiling point solvents?

Yes, the 2L Rotovap machine is versatile and can be used with a wide range of solvents, including both high- and low-boiling point solvents. The vacuum system in the machine allows for evaporation at reduced pressure, enabling the efficient evaporation of solvents with varying boiling points.

3. What are the maintenance requirements for a 2L Rotovap machine?

Routine maintenance for a 2L Rotovap machine involves regular cleaning and inspection of the glassware components. The glassware should be washed with appropriate solvents or cleaning agents to remove any residue. It is important to check for any signs of wear or damage and replace any worn-out or damaged parts. Additionally, the vacuum pump and chiller (if applicable) should be properly maintained according to their respective manufacturer's guidelines.

4. Can I connect the 2L Rotovap machine to a computer for data logging or control?

While some advanced models of Rotovap machines offer computer connectivity options, it may not be a standard feature in a 2L Rotovap machine. However, certain models may have the option to connect external temperature or vacuum sensors for data logging purposes. It is recommended to check the specifications or inquire with the manufacturer regarding the specific connectivity options available for the 2L Rotovap machine model.

5. Is training provided on how to operate the 2L Rotovap machine?

Most manufacturers or suppliers provide user manuals and basic operating instructions with the 2L Rotovap machine. Additionally, they may offer training sessions or online resources to help users understand the operation and maintenance of the machine. It is advisable to inquire with the manufacturer or supplier about the availability of training or educational materials to ensure proper usage of the 2L Rotovap machine.



Evaporating Flask (L)


Receiving Flask (L)


Rotating Motor (W)


Water (Oil) Bath Power (W)


Rotating Speed (R/min)

Digital Display 0-120

Lifting Mode

Water/Oil bath manual lifting

Lifting Height (mm)


Max. Vacuum Degree (MPa)



Vertical with charge pipe, large condenser, evaporating pipe

Bath Temp Control Range ()

Intelligent digital/TR-399

Water Bath Size (mm)


Evaporation Rate (L/H, H2O)


Voltage (V/Hz)

220V 50/60


Customized configuration is available





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