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Vacuum Drying Oven Price

Vacuum Drying Oven Price

The vacuum drying oven with vacuum pump can achieve the effect of vacuum drying. ZZKD provides vacuum drying ovens of various specifications.

DZF series vertical vacuum drying oven uses the way of circulating heating inside the box to dry powder, bake, and disinfect and sterilize various glass containers. It is especially suitable for fast and efficient drying of heat-sensitive, easily oxidized substances and complex composition items. The prices of vacuum drying ovens are different. Here are the prices of vacuum drying ovens.

vacuum drying oven price

Features of vacuum drying oven:

· Microcomputer intelligent temperature control of vacuum drying oven, PID self-tuning, temperature control, timing, and over-temperature alarm functions.

· Double-screen digital display, touch buttons to set and adjust parameters, so the prices of vacuum drying ovens are different.

· The heating method is a nickel-chromium alloy electric heater, which is evenly distributed on the four walls of the studio, and the internal temperature is uniform.

· The heating power ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure that the low-end temperature control has no temperature disadvantages.

· The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel cuboid structure, and the corners are rounded for easy cleaning.

· The cold-rolled plate of the outer box is treated with precision double-layer split baking paint, electrostatic spraying, tempered, and double-layer glass with a large viewing angle observation window.

· The tightness of the box door can be adjusted, and the integrally formed silicone rubber sealing strip is resistant to high temperature, aging and has good sealing performance.

· The cuboid studio is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, which is durable.

vacuum drying oven price


1. Optional explosion-proof configuration is more secure. The price of the vacuum drying oven with explosion-proof configuration is higher.

2. The temperature control range is RT+10-200℃.

3. The closing tightness of the box door is adjustable, and the integrally formed synthetic silicon door sealing ring ensures high vacuum in the box.

4. The shell of the product is sprayed with environmentally friendly metal paint, and the overall design is beautiful and generous.

5. Under vacuum and inert conditions, the possibility of explosion when encountering thermal oxides is completely eliminated, which is safer.

Technical indicators of vacuum drying oven:

· Temperature range: RT+10℃~250℃

· Temperature resolution: ±0.1°C

· Constant temperature fluctuation: ±1℃

· Achieved vacuum: 133Pa

· Timing range: 1~9999min

· Working environment temperature: +5~40℃

Conditions of use of vacuum drying oven

Ambient temperature: 5°C~+28°C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤28°C)

Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH

Power requirements: AC220V / AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz single-phase three-wire system

vacuum drying oven price

Optional accessories:

1. Intelligent program liquid crystal temperature controller, the price of vacuum drying oven is higher

2. Inert gas inlet valve, using inert gas inlet valve, the price of vacuum drying oven will be higher

3. Imported vacuum gauge

4. Lower box cabinet

5. Liquid water filter (price according to specifications and models, suitable for high-humidity drying, different models, different prices for vacuum drying boxes)

6. The price of vacuum drying oven equipped with drying tank is relatively high

7. Optional exhaust oil filter device (recommended to be replaced once every 6 months)

8. Optional shelf

9. Domestic vacuum pump 2XZ-2

10. Domestic vacuum pump 2XZ-4

Grouped equipment:

Diaphragm vacuum pump

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


1. What is the time setting of the vacuum drying oven?

Time setting range: 0 ~ 9999 minutes (hours); timing error:

2. How to heat the vacuum drying oven?

There are many heating pipes around the box to maintain a high temperature.

3. How to use the vacuum drying oven?

Put the items to be dried into the box, close the exhaust valve, open the vacuum valve, turn on the power, and start vacuuming. Turn on the power switch of the oven and set the temperature. After drying, turn off the power of the drying box, open the vent valve, release the vacuum in the box, and then open the door to take out the items.

4. What are the box structures of the vacuum drying oven?

Intelligent liquid crystal temperature controller, inert gas inlet valve, vacuum gauge, cabinet.







Shell Material


Max. Vacuum Degree

0.098 Mpa

Liner Material

304 Stainless Steel

Temp. Stability


Input Power (W)


Temp. Analysis


Chamber Capacity (L)


Inner Dimension(mm)


Shelves (Pcs)


Optional Configuration


Time Range

1~9999 min

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