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DZF-6020 vacuum drying oven

DZF-6020 vacuum drying oven

ZZKD specializes in manufacturing DZF-6020 vacuum drying oven, which is widely used in food, industry, medicine and other fields.


The vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, especially some materials with complex components can be dried quickly.


1. The cuboid cavity can reach the maximum effective volume.

2. Storage, heating, testing and drying are all carried out in a vacuum environment and will not be oxidized.

3. The heating time is shortened by more than 50% compared with the traditional vacuum drying oven.

4. The inside of the oven can withstand high vacuum pressure without any deformation.

5. Compared with traditional vacuum drying oven, energy consumption is reduced to 20%.

vacuum drying oven for food

industrial vacuum drying oven

vacuum drying oven for food

industrial vacuum drying oven

After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories

Grouped equipment:

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump


1. What is the working principle of the vacuum drying oven?

The heating plate is used as the heating medium, and the material pan with the materials to be dried is placed in the box, the box door is closed, and the inside of the box is vacuumed with a vacuum pump. When the material is heated to a suitable temperature, the water will begin to evaporate and will be gradually evacuated.


2. What is the function of the vacuum drying oven?

Vacuum drying ovens are widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and other research applications, for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers. It is especially suitable for fast and efficient drying treatment of dry heat sensitive, easily decomposable, easily oxidized substances and complex components.


3. What is the temperature range of the vacuum drying oven?

The temperature control range is RT+10-200°C.


4. What are the similarities between the vacuum drying oven and the blast drying oven?

All are drying equipment, which can remove the moisture in the material to make it meet the requirements of further processing.



Power Supply(V/Hz)


Shell Material

Spray-paint Anti-corrosion

Liner Material

304 Stainless Steel

Temp. Range(°C)


Max. Vacuum Degree(Mpa)


Temp. Stability(°C)


Temp. Analysis(°C)


Working Temp.(°C)


Input Power (W)


Chamber Capacity (L)


Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm)


Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm)


Shelves (Pcs)


Time Range(min)


Optional Configuration


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