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DZF-6010 vacuum drying oven

DZF-6010 vacuum drying oven

DZF-6010 small vacuum drying oven is a hot-selling equipment of our company. Contact us for the latest and best prices.

The vacuum drying oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, and easily oxidized materials, and is especially suitable for drying complex raw materials.


1. The cuboid cavity structure maximizes the effective volume.

2. Microcomputer temperature control system, accurate and reliable temperature control.

3. The design of toughened and bulletproof glass door allows intuitive observation of material reaction.

4. The tightness of the sealing can be adjusted, and a silicone rubber door sealing ring is formed as a whole to ensure the high vacuum inside the oven.

5. The working room is made of stainless steel plate (or drawing plate), which is durable.

vacuum drying oven price

small vacuum drying oven

vacuum drying oven price

small vacuum drying oven

vacuum drying oven price

After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories

Grouped equipment:

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump


1. How much is vacuum in the vacuum drying oven?

Generally speaking, for vacuum drying or anti-oxidation vacuum, it is enough to pump to -0.1mpa.


2. What is the temperature range of the vacuum drying oven?

The temperature control range is RT+10-200°C.


3. What are the similarities between the vacuum drying oven and the blast drying oven?

All are drying equipment, which can remove the moisture in the material to make it meet the requirements of further processing.


4. What is the difference between a vacuum drying oven and a blast drying oven?

The drying principle is different. The blast drying box heats the material under normal pressure to vaporize and evaporate the water in the material, thereby removing the water. The vacuum drying oven is a technology for drying at low pressure and high temperature, which is especially suitable for dehydration treatment of heat-sensitive materials and expensive materials.



Power Supply(V/Hz)


Shell Material

Spray-paint Anti-corrosion

Liner Material

304 Stainless Steel

Temp. Range(°C)


Max. Vacuum Degree(Mpa)


Temp. Stability(°C)


Temp. Analysis(°C)


Working Temp.(°C)


Input Power (W)


Chamber Capacity (L)


Inner Dimension (W*D*H,mm)


Overall Dimension (W*D*H,mm)


Shelves (Pcs)


Time Range(min)


Optional Configuration


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