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Graphene composites companies dome house

Graphene composites companies dome house

Our Graphene composites dome house is made of graphene EPS. It has excellent thermal insulation effect, high-quality compression resistance, stability, durability, and is not easy to deform and damage.

Advantages of Graphene composites house:

Graphene EPS material is used, which has the characteristics of heat preservation, windproof, shockproof, flame retardant, and energy saving. The thickness of the module is up to 18 cm. Replace the traditional brick-concrete structure, fast installation, reduce construction waste, installation can be completed in a few hours, novel and changeable shape, arbitrary assembly.

Features of Graphene composites house:

1. Standardized module production, simple construction, flexible operation, only simple installation of components, no construction waste, short production cycle, only a few workers installation and production

2. Semi-circular structure, unique shape

3. Good wind and shock resistance, easy rain drainage, effective resistance to ultraviolet rays, and not easy to age

4. Strong practicality, warm in winter and cool in summer (thermal insulation)

5. Energy saving and environmental protection: heating in winter and air conditioning in summer saving tens of thousands of yuan in electricity bills.

6. Earthquake resistance (level 8) and wind (level 12) and snow protection

7. Compression and flame retardant (B1 flame retardant)

8. Sound insulation and durability (more than 50 years)

9. Factory production, can be quickly built on site, low cost and high efficiency.

10. Look at the blue sky and white clouds and the starry sky with the super-large starry sky.

11. Variety of styles can be combined at will.


graphene composites house

graphene house

graphene dome house

graphene composites house

graphene dome house

graphene house


How to install Graphene composites house?

1. Ground treatment, build steel-wood platform or concrete platform

2. Carry out module plug-in installation and glue fixation in sequence

3 After the assembly is completed, use straps for temporary fixation

4. Fill the joints of the module with foaming agent

5. Paste acrylic warp cloth on the joints and smear crack-resistant cement mortar

6. Hang the net and apply anti-cracking cement mortar to the whole house

7. Paint flexible waterproofing agent on the exterior wall surface of the house

8. After leveling with anti-cracking putty, spray external wall waterproof latex paint

9. Use latex paint and acrylic paint for personalized painting


What are the application scenarios of Graphene composites house?

Scenic B&Bs, Seaview B&Bs, Stars B&Bs, characteristic towns, themed B&Bs, Internet celebrity B&Bs, outdoor camps, creative hotels, cultural tourism projects, car camps, characteristic planting, yurts, characteristic flower seas, leisure agriculture, greenhouses and other fields, We provide users with EPS modular landscape room purchase and overall customization and design solutions.

graphene composites house

graphene composites house

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