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KD-VC-4000 vacuum controller

KD-VC-4000 vacuum controller

ZZKD sells vacuum system pump pressure controller, which is cheap, integrates vacuum measurement and control, and has a long service life.


KD-VC-4000 vacuum controller is a high precision vacuum controller developed by our company. The instrument adopts imported anti-corrosion pressure sensor and high-sensitivity solenoid valve to control the vacuum with high precision. It can be equipped with vacuum concentration equipment and vacuum control equipment such as rotary evaporator, rectification and reaction kettle of various manufacturers. When the vacuum is not suitable, the reagent will suddenly boil and collide. The automatic vacuum controller can be connected in series with the rotary evaporator to obtain the ideal vacuum degree in the rotary evaporator. Especially for the concentration of volatile reagents, the best recovery rate can be obtained.


1. High-definition color LCD display, with excellent controllability.

2. The effective vacuum control range is between 1100-1mbar.

3. The programming and operation are very simple, the vacuum control is accurate, and the control response speed is fast.

4. Equipped with a diaphragm vacuum pump control interface, which can automatically control the start and stop of the vacuum pump.

5. The pressure setting can be changed at any time, and the setting pressure can be adjusted at any time according to the concentration situation during operation.

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After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories


1. What types of vacuum controllers are available?

ZZKD-VC-50L, KD-VC-4000, etc.


2. What equipment is the vacuum controller generally used for?

Rotary evaporator, vacuum pump, glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, etc.


3. What are the applicable scopes of the vacuum controller?

The vacuum controller can be connected with various vacuum sources, is safe and reliable, and is suitable for medical and health, environmental protection, food, chemical, petroleum and other fields.




Pressure testing range


Testing accuracy


Control accuracy



LCD touch screen

Current pressure display

Setting pressure display

Release vacuum

One-click release vacuum

Joint size


Working temperature


Dimemsions (mm)





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