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KD-VC-50L vacuum controller

KD-VC-50L vacuum controller

Laboratory automatic adjustable vacuum controller is widely used in vacuum control equipment such as rotary evaporators, reactors, etc. It has accurate vacuum control and fast response speed.


The vacuum controller integrates vacuum measurement and control, and the pressure sensor, solenoid valve, display, operation panel, etc. are compactly designed together; programming and operation are very simple, the vacuum control is accurate, the control response speed is fast, and the maximum guarantee The reproducibility of the distillation experiment and the efficient recovery rate of the volume are improved; the effective vacuum control range is between 1100-1mbar; it has good chemical resistance.


1. The display part adopts 4.3-inch color TFT liquid crystal display, and the system data of the operating status (settings, measured values) is clear at a glance, and the program running status, pressure status and other data can be displayed on their respective screens.

2. It can control the opening and closing of the vacuum pump, and can carry out 5-stage gradient program control.

3. Gradually control the degree of vacuum during experimental chromatography vacuum distillation. With a knob to adjust the vacuum degree.

4. The piping material is acid and alkali resistant and has good chemical properties.

5. Pressure measurement range: 0760mmHg/01013mbar.

6. Pressure sensor: corrosion-resistant semiconductor pressure probe.

vacuum controller for rotary evaporator

automatic vacuum controller

adjustable vacuum controller

laboratory vacuum controller

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1. What types of vacuum controllers are available?

ZZKD-VC-50L, KD-VC-4000, etc.


2. What is the working principle of the vacuum controller?

The working principle of the vacuum controller is to use the rotary evaporator to concentrate, crystallize, separate, and recover the solvent under the condition of negative pressure in the conventional way. The establishment of negative pressure is completed by a vacuum pump. During the evaporation process, the negative pressure of the system will gradually decrease due to the effect of saturated steam and the trace leakage of the connecting pipe.


3. What equipment is the vacuum controller generally used for?

Rotary evaporator, vacuum pump, glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, etc.


4. What is the pressure test range of the vacuum controller?

0~760mmHg, 0~1000hPa(mbar).



Standard control

51000hPa/mbar(fixed value control)

Control mode

Control vacuum automatically

Control precision

1~30mbar(Freely adjustable)

Display item

LCD touch screen; Display pressure measurement value, Pressure setting value

Release the vacuum

One button release vacuum

Pressure sensor

Compressive and corrosion resistant semiconductor pressure probe

Electromagnetic valve

Imports from Japan

Interface caliber

Ф10mm Acid and alkali resistant


10~50L Vacuum distillation equipment



Machine Dimension(mm)


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