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S-1L 2L 3L 5L glass jacketed reactor

S-1L 2L 3L 5L glass jacketed reactor

ZZKD is specializes in manufacturing and selling S-1L S-2L S-3L S-5L small laboratory glass reactor. It is designed with double-layer glass, small in size and powerful in function.

S-1L S-2L S-3L S-5L double-layer glass reactor, also known as: small laboratory glass reactor, small glass reactor, laboratory small glass reactor, the double-layer glass reactor produced by our company has convenient operation, beautiful appearance, With novel and practical structure, it is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

1. High efficiency, long running time, good stability and no noise.

2. Using GG17 high borosilicate glass, it has good chemical and physical properties.

3. Easy to discharge, no residue.

4. The temperature and speed adopt digital display, which is easy to observe and adjust the material reaction.

5. The stirring shaft is made of stainless steel and adopts PTFE material, which is durable and pollution-free.

6. Standard gear, no backlash, wear-resistant.

1L glass reactor

High Borosilicate Glass

High-temperature resistance, high strength, and hardness

lab glass reactor

Jacketed Glass ReactorThe liner is for reaction solvent and the jacket is for heating or cooling

resource(cool liquid, hot water, or hot oil).

laboratory glass reactor

GG-17 high borosilicate glassTemp Range -100℃~400°C, High acid, and alkali resistant

High-temperature resistance, high strength, and hardness

Feed rapidly, no residual and easy clean

jacketed glass reactor laboratory

AC Motor

Smooth running, high torque, automatic booster, no spark, noise-free, long life; Explosion-proof is optional.

Separately Kettle Cover

It is convenient to disassemble, clean, and install. PT100 temperature probe, precise temperature control.

Digital Converter

Digital display, easier and more convenient to measure temperature.

After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories

Grouped equipment:

SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump

DLSB low temperature coolant circulation pump

GYY circulating water (oil) bath

GDX high and low temperature integrated machine

1.What is the working principle of the double glass reactor?
The glass reactor is sandwiched by the double-layer reactor, and a constant temperature (high or low temperature) hot melt or cooling medium is injected to heat or cool the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature, and the double-layer glass reactor can provide stirring. The materials are reacted in the reaction kettle, and the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution can be controlled. After the reaction is completed, the materials can be discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is extremely convenient.

2.What are the components of the double-layer glass reactor?
Glass part, stirring part, sealing part, support bracket.

3.What is the stirring speed of the double-layer glass reactor?
0600rmp (up to 1300).

4.How is the stability of the double-layer glass reactor?
The double-layer glass reactor adopts 304 stainless steel frame, which is stronger and the overall mechanism is more stable.

5. What is the supporting equipment for the double-layer glass reactor for high temperature reaction?
High-temperature circulating oil bath: in a circulating way, it provides heating source for the double-layer kettle with precise temperature control High and low temperature integrated machine: It has both heating and cooling functions, and provides heating and cooling sources for the double-layer kettle in a circular manner, and intelligent temperature control.

6.What are the types of small double-layer glass reactors?

The models of the small double-layer glass reactor are: S-1L S-2L S-3L S-5L.






Stirring Power(W )


Stirring Speed(rpm)

0~600(Max. 1300)

Stirring  Shaft Diameter


Reaction Kettle Capacity(L)





Power Supply

220V  50/60 Hz

Motor  Torque(g/cm)





Floor type



 The stirring power (W): 180, 250, 370

 Power supply: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz

110 V/60Hz can be customized

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