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Pilot Plant Glass Reactor

Pilot Plant Glass Reactor

ZZKD manufactures and sells F-1L-5L laboratory single-layer glass reactor, it is a single-layer glass design, the price is cheap, we provide guidance assembly services.

The pilot plant glass stirring chemical reaction kettle is a device integrating vacuum, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil-water heating, and heating sleeve. It can carry out various biological, chemical and synthetic reactions under constant temperature conditions.

Pilot plant glass reactor advantages:

1. Frequency conversion speed regulation, AC induction motor, constant speed digital display, no brush, no spark, safe and stable, and can work continuously;

2. The supporting glass of the pilot plant glass reactor is produced by GG-17 high-quality borosilicate material, which has good chemical and physical properties; the large bottle mouth design,

3. PTFE machinery plus O-ring assembly seal, proprietary technology, can maintain the best vacuum degree of similar products in the market;

4. (Optional) PTEE discharge valve with minimum or no dead angle, solid material/liquid material can be easily discharged from the bottom; .

5. Constant temperature digital display oil bath, intelligent PID adjustment, accurate and convenient temperature control; the overall structure is beautiful and easy to operate;

6. (Optional) Explosion-proof series are available. (Cooling coils and explosion-proof devices can be installed according to user needs)

pilot plant glass reactor

Pilot plant glass reactor product features:

1. The F series pilot plant glass reactor is made of borosilicate glass, which has excellent physical and chemical properties. The bottle body is transparent and the reaction liquid can be seen.

2. PTFE stirring blade, used for stirring various solvents.

3. The motor runs smoothly, with large torque and no spark.

4. The PTFE components are sealed and the vacuum degree is high.

5. Constant temperature oil/water bath, accurate temperature control.

6. The pilot plant glass reactor has a compact and reasonable structure and is easy to operate.

How to use the pilot plant glass reactor?

1. Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch on the inverter, and use the speed control knob to select a suitable speed.

2. The flow of the material and the power of the motor speed may resonate at a certain point, please change the speed of the motor to avoid resonance.

3. After installing the stirring rod of the pilot plant glass reactor, it must be rotated by hand to pay attention to whether the concentricity is good. If the concentricity is not good, please loosen and clamp again, and then turn on the power after clamping and adjust gradually from slow to fast.

4. Use the stir bar regulator to make the stirring leaves 5cm up and down as needed.

5. All the pilot plant glass reactors are made of GG.17 low expansion coefficient high temperature resistant high-quality borosilicate glass. Users should confirm the glass material for the reaction bottle and other glass parts to ensure the safety of use.

pilot plant glass reactor

6. The interlayer on the pilot plant glass reactor is externally connected to the circulation port, which can be used for heating reaction when it is connected with hot oil, and can be used for low-temperature reaction if it can be supplied with cooling liquid. If it is heated by steam, it should not exceed 0.5K-1K.

7. When the test is carried out at low temperature, the discharge valve at the bottom will be frosted. When the valve is used, it must be partially thawed to prevent the glass from being broken.

8. If there are particles in the solution during use, the residue may accumulate on the PTFE piston of the valve when discharging, and the airtightness will be affected when it is used again. Be sure to clean it before using it again after discharging.

Supporting equipment:

SHZ-D (Ⅲ) circulating water vacuum pump

DLSB - 5/10 Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump

pilot plant glass reactor


1. What is the working principle of the pilot plant glass reactor?

Under the set constant temperature conditions, in a closed glass container, the reaction is stirred under normal pressure or negative pressure, and the evaporation and reflux of the reaction liquid can be controlled.

2. What are the advantages of the pilot plant glass reactor?

It's cheap and comes with heating.

3. What are the accessories for the glass part of the pilot plant glass reactor?

Single-layer kettle body, constant pressure dropping funnel, distillation elbow, serpentine condenser, thermometer casing, inlet and outlet valves, lower discharge valve, suction elbow, hollow plug.

4. How to maintain the pilot plant glass reactor?

After each use, you must wipe off various oil stains, stains, solvents, etc. remaining on the surface of the machine with a soft cloth to keep it clean. Clean the seals regularly.







220  50/60

Stirring  Power(W)


Stirring Speed(rmp)







Heating Power(kW)





Heating Mantle Power (kw)





Temperature Using Range()

RT-250 | RT-350

Motor Torque(g/cm)




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