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F-80L 100L single layer glass reactor

F-80L 100L single layer glass reactor

ZZKD is a well-known laboratory single-layer glass reactor manufacturer in China. We provide 80L 100L and other types of single-layer glass reactors. Contact us for prices.


The single-layer glass reactor is highly efficient, stable, beautiful, and durable. The single-layer glass reactor is a multifunctional reactor that can perform various biological, chemical, and synthetic reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also perform reflux at different temperatures. Or distillation.


1. Multi-function switch and LCD display screen make the operation easier.

2. The maximum vacuum degree is 0.098Mpa.

3. The structure is scientific, compact, strong and beautiful.

4. The stirring paddle is made of polytetrafluoroethylene material, which makes the stirring more fully.

5. The material only contacts with glass and PTFE, zero pollution.

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After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories

Grouped equipment:

SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump

low temperature coolant circulation pump


1. What should be paid attention to when using single-layer glass reactor?

The glass parts should be cleaned, and a small amount of vacuum silicone grease should be applied to each standard port, ball grinding port and sealing surface to increase air tightness. The power supply voltage of the workplace must be consistent with the requirements of the glass reactor. High-speed operation is not suitable for no-load, glass reaction When the kettle needs to be heated, the temperature should be gradually increased.


2. What are the components of the single-layer glass reactor?

Glass part, stirring part, sealing part, supporting bracket part, heating and cooling part.


3. How to cool down the single-layer glass reactor?

The cooling method of the single-layer kettle is to circulate the cold medium through the cooling coil on the inner wall of the heating tank. After cold exchange with the heating medium, it is transferred to the material in the kettle. Generally, it can only be used for forced cooling of the material.


4. Why should a single-layer glass reactor be matched with a low-temperature coolant circulation pump?

The refrigeration equipment provides low-temperature cooling circulating water for the condensing system of the double-layer kettle in a circulating manner, and the condensing medium is ethanol; it can also be used for the cooling coil circulation to be used for forced cooling of materials.





220  50/60

380  50/60

Stirring  Power(W)



Stirring Speed(rmp)





Heating Power(kW)



Heating Mantle Power (kw)


Temperature Using Range()

RT-250 | RT-350

Motor Torque(g/cm)



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