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Industrial Glass Reactor

Industrial Glass Reactor

ZZKD is a well-known laboratory single-layer glass reactor manufacturer in China. We provide 80L 100L and other types of single-layer glass reactors. Contact us for prices.

The single-layer industrial glass reactor is a multi-functional reactor, which can carry out various biochemical synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also perform reflux or distillation at different temperatures. Sealed PTFE material, strong sealing, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, electronic stepless speed regulation, stable operation, intelligent temperature sensor, digital display temperature, large-diameter discharge valve, can put solid and liquid materials, large-diameter cleaning port, Easy to clean, the main structure is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Optional electric heating mantle heating, also optional cooling coil. It is an ideal experiment/pilot test/production equipment for synthetic chemical industry, biopharmaceutical and new material preparation.

industrial glass reactor

Working principle of single-layer industrial glass reactor:

The single-layer industrial glass reactor can carry out various biochemical reactions and synthetic reactions under constant temperature conditions. The instrument is a fully enclosed system, which can continuously inhale various liquids or gases by using negative pressure, and can also reflux or distill at different temperatures. A cooling coil can be installed in the stainless steel constant temperature bath, and when the process requires, a cooling liquid can be introduced to quickly drop the bath temperature to the required temperature.

Features of single-layer industrial glass reactor:

The glass components are made of high borosilicate glass (GG17 material), which has excellent physical and chemical properties

Electronic stepless speed regulation, stable operation, large torque, no spark, long life

PTFE component seal, proprietary technology, can ensure good vacuum and long service life

The overall structure is stable and can also be moved as a whole

The PTFE discharge valve with minimum or no dead angle can effectively reduce the dead angle of stirring

Kettle body and interface can be customized according to customer requirements

Regardless of cooling or heating, supporting products can be produced according to customer requirements

The overall structure is scientific, the product design is novel, practical and beautiful,

·Cooling coil, electric heating mantle heating and explosion-proof device can be added according to user needs

single layer glass reactor

The structure of single-layer industrial glass reactor:

· Equipped with constant speed stirrer, no spark, explosion-proof.

·PTFE stirring blade, resistant to various solvents.

·Material only contacts with GG17 glass, no pollution.

·Constant temperature oil/water bath, accurate temperature control.

·Compact and reasonable structure, easy to operate.

·Model: F-80L, F-100L

Stirring power: 370W

·Speed regulation mode: frequency conversion speed regulation

·Power supply for heating bath: 380V 50HZ

Supporting equipment for single-layer industrial glass reactor:

SHZ- C circulating water vacuum pump

Low temperature coolant circulation pump

industrial glass reactor


1. What should be paid attention to when using a single-layer industrial glass reactor?

The glass should be cleaned, and a small amount of vacuum silicone grease should be applied to each standard port, ball mill port and sealing surface to increase air tightness. The power supply voltage in the workplace must meet the requirements of industrial glass reactors. It is not suitable for high-speed operation without load. When the glass reactor needs to be heated, the temperature should be gradually increased.

2. What are the components of a single-layer industrial glass reactor?

Glass section, stirring section, sealing section, supporting frame section, heating and cooling section.

3. How to cool down the single-layer industrial glass reactor?

The cooling method of the industrial glass single-layer kettle is to circulate the refrigerant through the cooling coil on the inner wall of the heating tank. After cold exchange with the heating medium, it is transferred to the material in the kettle. Generally, it can only be used for forced cooling of materials.

4. Why should the single-layer industrial glass reactor be equipped with a low-temperature coolant circulating pump?

The refrigeration equipment provides low-temperature cooling circulating water for the circulation of the condensation system of the double-layer kettle, and the condensing medium is ethanol; it can also be used for the circulation of the cooling coil to force the material to cool.





220  50/60

380  50/60

Stirring  Power(W)



Stirring Speed(rmp)





Heating Power(kW)



Heating Mantle Power (kw)


Temperature Using Range()

RT-250 | RT-350

Motor Torque(g/cm)



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