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Vortex Trichome Separator

Vortex Trichome Separator

The vortex hair-shaped separator is very suitable for extracting marijuana. The method is simple and fast, and it is 100%solventless extraction system.

It is well known that hundreds of known cannabinoids and terpenes can be produced from the trichomes of the cannabis plant, as Hashish is a consumable compact of purified psychoactive resin extracted from the glandular hairs of the cannabis plant. Trichoids are found on flowers and, to a lesser extent, in the stems and leaves of plants. In general, trichomes refer to "the elongated growths or appendages on plants, algae, lichens and certain protists". In the case of cannabis, these trichomes are the tiny crystals that coat the leaves and buds of the cannabis strain, they are shiny, sticky, and always carry the most amazing aroma. So how do you remove hardened trichomes from cannabis strains? A vortex trichome separator should be a good choice.

vortex trichome separator

What is a vortex trichome separator?

A vortex trichome is a solvent-free, water-based separation device designed to remove hardened trichomes from cannabis strains, also known as a "bubble hash extraction machine". It is a hygienic food grade stainless steel trichome separation and collection system that is considered a 100% solvent free extraction system using only ice and water.

How does the vortex trichome separator work?

Vortex trichomes use only cold water and ice to remove trichomes from cannabis plants. Bottom-driven paddles combined with a uniquely shaped barrel create a powerful stirring force known as a cross-flow vortex. With proper agitation, trichomes can be removed from cannabis plants, leaving relatively intact biomass. The trichomes that remain in the water are in the form of suspended undissolved solids. After this process, filtering, separating, collecting and drying these trichomes is very simple and convenient, resulting in a cleaner, solvent-free hash product. So let's introduce the detailed steps:

vortex trichome separator

1.First separate the trichomes from the leaves, flowers and stems using a vortex trichome separator. Plant parts are placed with very cold liquid in jacketed pots with a rotating plate near the bottom of the pot. The shape of the pot is round in the front half and rounded in the back half. The plant biomass is soaked in this cold bath until fully hydrated so that all plant components are completely softened and any flowers begin to open.

2.After hydration, the user begins to rotate the rotating plate, creating a central vortex.

As the liquid swirls and speeds up, the outer edge of the liquid stream rolls off the back of the rounded square portion of the basin and in the middle portion of the liquid stream, creating powerful rolling turbulent eddies within a second. After the second vortex is established, the direction of rotation of the rotor plates is reversed, creating milder turbulence when the direction of liquid flow is reversed. When double eddy currents are created in the opposite direction, the rotating plates are reversed again to repeat the process. Every time the direction of the rotating plate is reversed, the speed is increased to increase the power of the turbulent flow.

3.The liquid and separated plant biomass and trichome head resin material are drained from the pots through a venturi-style drain, creating a powerful liquid flow to the external filtration system. This strong flow is necessary to ensure that the separated plant biomass and sticky trichome resin material do not become trapped in the drain.

4.The filtration system employs a series of external filters of different sizes to separate the elements of spent plant biomass, trichome head resin material and contaminants. The first filter is designed to capture plant components that have passed through the drain without completely removing the resin. Plant components captured in this first filter can be removed and returned to the pond for further resin separation. The second filter captures the smallest plant particles while allowing resin components to pass through. Some resin particles may remain on the second filter with the plant material, which can be removed and rinsed with a high pressure water jet to capture more resin product. The final filter is designed to capture the resin product, which is then removed from the filter for further processing.

vortex trichome separator

What are the advantages of the vortex trichome separator?

Vortex trichome separators have gained popularity over the past few years. Its popularity may be attributed to the following advantages:

Simple operation: The vortex hair separator uses only water and ice during separation, and it is easy to operate manually, and can also be operated automatically.

Simple and convenient cleaning: The vortex separator is made of hygienic food grade stainless steel material with 2 inch port for easy drainage and easy cleaning.

Efficient: One vortex trichome separator can output an average of 13-15 kg of dry hash per day.

It is a solvent-free extraction method that is not only more natural, but preserves the unique flavor of cannabis strains.

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