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Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge

1.The decanter centrifuge should use an involute planetary gear differential, so high precision.
2.On the whole machine, there is a double overload protection device for mechanical and electrical appliances, so it is safe and reliable in use.
3.On the whole machine, the overall frame structure is adopted, and there is less floor space.

Horizontal screw pusher decanter centrifuge, referred to as decanter centrifuge, is one of the ideal solid-liquid separation equipment widely used in the fields of food, medicine, chemical industry and wastewater treatment. The working speed of the drum directly determines the separation factor, and the speed difference of the screw directly affects the moisture content of the solids transported out of the drum. Since its appearance in 1954, the horizontal screw discharge decanter centrifuge has developed rapidly due to its advantages of large single-machine processing capacity, convenient operation, continuous automatic operation, low labor intensity, small footprint and low maintenance cost. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, food, light industry and other departments.

Working principle and structure

After the drum and the screw conveyor of the centrifuge are started to full speed, a strong centrifugal force field is generated due to the rotation. The suspension material is fed into the screw from the feed pipe, and the material enters the drum through the discharge hole in the screw cylinder. Under the action of the action of the solid phase material with a larger specific gravity, the solid phase material with a large specific gravity is deposited on the drum wall to form a ring-shaped solid phase layer. The frequency conversion speed control device realizes the stepless adjustment of the rotating speed of the drum and the differential speed, which can adapt to the changes of flow and concentration, and ensure a good and stable separation effect), so that the screw and the drum generate a constant differential speed. The dehydrated solid phase sediment is pushed out from the slag outlet at the small end of the conical drum, and the clear liquid with light specific gravity overflows from the overflow port at the cylindrical end, so that it works continuously to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

Scope of application

Decanter centrifuges are suitable for dewatering sludge produced in the process of industrial and civil sewage treatment, and are also widely used for dewatering in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Working principle and structure

How to choose a decanter centrifuge

Features of Decanter Centrifuge

Precautions during the use of the decanter centrifuge

Choosing the right decanter centrifuge can not only solve production problems and improve work efficiency, but also save production costs and reduce business risks.

How to choose a decanter centrifuge:

1. The rotation speed of the centrifuge: Generally, the decanter centrifuge should be above 3000 rpm. The higher the rotation speed, the higher the separation factor of the centrifuge, and the better the separation effect.

2. The material of the centrifuge: different materials have different physical and chemical indicators such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The general material of foreign decanter centrifuges is 316L, or duplex stainless steel, and the abrasive components must be made of ceramic composite materials.

3. Differential speed control of centrifuges: Different differentials have different control accuracy, and the service life and maintenance cost vary greatly. The higher the differential speed accuracy, the better the adaptability to materials, so it is better to choose equipment with high differential speed accuracy. .

4. Aspect ratio: the larger the aspect ratio of the decanter centrifuge, the larger its processing capacity and the smaller the moisture content.

5. Control system: Whether it is automatic programming control, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically realized the fully automatic control of the equipment.

6. Installation power: It affects the control of energy consumption. Generally, the energy consumption ratio of domestic equipment is high, and the energy consumption ratio of foreign equipment is low.

7. Processing and manufacturing process: Decanter centrifuge is a separation equipment that requires high-precision processing. The products produced by enterprises without finishing processing capacity have high maintenance rate and limited processing capacity.

Features of Decanter Centrifuge:

The decanter centrifuge should use an involute planetary gear differential, so the reducer has a large transmission ratio and high precision. On the whole machine, there is a double overload protection device for mechanical and electrical appliances, so it is safe and reliable in use. If the main motor adopts the power frequency speed regulation type, coupled with the hydraulic coupling, then the motor can run smoothly. The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel, so it has very good corrosion resistance.

On the whole machine, the overall frame structure is adopted, and there is less floor space. The power frequency and frequency conversion electrical appliances of the decanter centrifuge can be explosion-proof, and the sealing performance of the control box is good, so that the safe use of the centrifuge can be guaranteed.

The conveyor is the most important part of the decanter centrifuge, and it is easy to cause radial wear of the production under high-speed operation, and finally lead to the wear of the shaft, and in this case, the wear of the drum. Every time during the maintenance, it will be found that the wear of the conveyor is relatively serious, and it often needs to be repaired. Some cannot be repaired and need to be replaced, which increases the workload of the workers and increases the cost of the enterprise.

In order to reduce this kind of wear and tear, through the research and development of technicians, the spiral blade is sprayed with special materials, and then processed and manufactured with titanium alloy, which effectively improves the wear resistance of the conveyor and greatly improves the wear resistance of the conveyor. Reduced friction effects.

Precautions during the use of the decanter centrifuge:

1. It is not allowed to disassemble, clean, operate and maintain the centrifuge without mastering the contents of this instruction manual;

2. It is not allowed to operate the centrifuge until the machine is firmly installed;

3. Before operating the centrifuge, tighten the cover pressing bolts;

4. When operating the centrifuge, if there is obvious abnormal noise and vibration, it should be stopped immediately;

5. Do not disassemble the centrifuge before the machine is stopped;

6. When maintaining the centrifuge, the electrical switch and insurance should be disconnected;

7. When using cleaning liquid to clean the drum and screw pusher, those substances that do not corrode the materials of the drum and screw pusher should be selected;

8. When the centrifuge is not in use, the power supply of the main and auxiliary motors should be disconnected;

9. When the rotating parts such as drum and screw pusher need to be repaired, please contact our factory when welding, grinding and other methods are needed;

10. It is not allowed to disassemble the drum, and it is not allowed to exchange the position of the drum between each drum or other centrifuges;

11. The size of the tools used when disassembling the machine should be appropriate, especially the special tools carried by the machine;

12. When the machine is not in use, it should be ensured that the drum and the screw are not in contact with corrosive media;

13. When the machine is not in use, the drum should be turned by hand at least once a week.


1. How to choose a decanter centrifuge manufacturer?

The appropriate decanter centrifuge can be selected comprehensively from the rotational speed, material, differential speed control, aspect ratio, control system, installation power, and processing technology of the decanter centrifuge.

2. How to avoid bearing overheating during use?

To avoid this problem of the decanter centrifuge, the main thing is to avoid damage or damage to the bearing, and at the same time, to ensure that the bearing has a good concentricity. In addition, in bearing lubrication, sufficient lubrication should be carried out, neither serious oil shortage nor excessive lubrication.

3.How to solve the loud noise when the decanter centrifuge is working?

The main reason why the centrifuge is loud is that the machine is unbalanced. The common cause of this imbalance is that the equipment is placed in a fixed position, the installation is firm, and the screws are loose. Tighten the screws or add washers to keep the device stable. In addition, there is also a common reason that the use of hanging bag centrifuges is very noisy due to lack of lubricating oil or bearing wear. In this case, only oil or replacement is required.

4.What are the requirements for the installation location of the decanter centrifuge?

In order to choose some relatively flat places, the discharge pipe should avoid bending and right angles to reduce the discharge flow resistance. If installed outdoors, a simple canopy for centrifuges can be built.



Main motor power (kW)


Auxiliary motor power (kW)


Drum speed (R/min)


Separation factor (g)


Differential speed (R/min)


Drum inner diameter (mm)


Drum length (mm)


Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


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