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Top Discharge Centrifuge

Top Discharge Centrifuge

Top discharge centrifuge are widely used in the separation and purification of biochemistry, biopharmaceuticals, and blood products. It has a reasonable structure design, convenient operation and maintenance, and a wide range of applications.

The top discharge centrifuge is a fully enclosed manual top discharge centrifuge filter centrifuge designed according to GMP specifications and environmental protection requirements, and has a wide range of material applications. It has good applicability to high temperature, high viscosity, small particle size, various difficult-to-separate suspensions, fibrous materials, etc., and the minimum separation particle size is 1 μm.

The working principle of the top discharge centrifuge:

Under the action of centrifugal force, the material tends to the drum wall, and the liquid passes through the filter medium covering the drum wall, passes through the filter holes of the drum wall, tends to the inner wall of the shell, falls into the chassis, and is discharged through the liquid outlet. The solid-phase material remains in the drum and can be fully washed, thereby completing the solid-liquid separation. After stopping the machine, open the flip cover of the outer casing. After manual unloading, close the flip cover, and start the next working cycle after locking.

top discharge centrifuge

The operation method of the top discharge centrifuge:

1. When using the centrifuge with top discharge centrifuge, please carefully read the operation instructions of the centrifuge. Generally, the centrifuges with untop discharge centrifuge will write some common problems and solutions in the manual! Operate according to the requirements when using it. it is good!

2. The top discharge centrifuge is composed of a driving device, a body, a casing, a drum, a hanging bag, a brake device, a frequency conversion control cabinet, etc. The liquid material enters the drum from the feed pipe and runs at a high speed in the drum Under the effect of the centrifugal force generated, the liquid is thrown onto the filter cloth, and passes through the small gaps in the filter cloth to go out of the drum, and the solid particles are left in the drum.

top discharge centrifuge

Features of the top discharge centrifuge:

1. Adopt frequency conversion control, start smoothly, and the separation factor can be adjusted.

2. Convenient unloading, low labor intensity and high work efficiency.

3. The structural design is reasonable, which can effectively remove the sanitation of dead corners on the plate

4. The external structural parts, drum screen and contact material parts are all made of stainless steel

5. The shell is of clamshell type, adopting a spring balance cylinder type clamshell device, the lid can be opened at any angle, and because of the large clamshell structure, the inside and outside of the drum and the inside of the shell can be cleaned in real time to solve the crossover of materials pollution problem.

6. The parts of the shell are welded on the flat plate, which completely avoids the water seepage caused by the aging of the bead after the shell has been used for a long time! Moreover, the connection is more rigid and the bearing strength is higher.

top discharge centrifuge

Advantages of top discharge centrifuge:

1. Manpower cost advantage:

The top discharge centrifuge centrifuge can adopt fully automatic operation to realize unmanned operation of feeding, washing, dehydration and unloading. It is especially suitable for some highly polluted and highly corrosive materials.

2. Operation and intelligence improvements:

PLC frequency conversion control is adopted to realize intelligent operation, and various parameters of the centrifuge can be controlled, and the separation factor can be adjusted to ensure smooth operation.

3. Reduce the production cost of the enterprise and improve the production efficiency:

Automated production reduces a large number of operators, and can run 24 hours without interruption, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. Meet the requirements of current environmental protection:

The whole machine of the top discharge centrifuge is made of all-inclusive stainless steel. Surface polishing treatment can meet the use standard of GMP. It is more convenient to clean and tidy up, and the bottom discharge centrifuge adopts the anti-seismic design of damping shock absorber, which can be quickly installed and used anytime and anywhere. It also adopts a closed and large clamshell structure, which can effectively isolate the contact between the material and the air. , reducing environmental pollution. It has strong adaptability to the environment.


1. What should I do if the bearing of the top discharge centrifuge is damaged and the rotation is not sensitive?

The vast majority of such cases are due to the lack of oil or damage of the bearing after long-term use. In such a situation, it is easy to appear that the power does not rotate or the rotation is very slow! Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to change the bearing and clean the bearing for cleaning and replacement!

2. What should I do if the vacuum pump gauge and oil pressure are too high?

Once it is found that the oil pressure is too high to start the main engine, it is necessary to check whether the oil pipe and oil circuit are blocked. Blockage will cause the oil pump to heat up and the oil circuit will not be smooth. It will also affect the operation of the host!

3. What should I do if the rotor coil of the top discharge centrifuge is broken?

Use a multimeter to check and measure the electromagnetic coil from the beginning. When the rotor is in use, the centrifuge tube may crack, the sample may leak, and the rotor may be damaged due to metal material fatigue, overspeed, overstress, chemical corrosion, and temperature out of control.

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