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ZF7 ultraviolet analyzer

ZF7 ultraviolet analyzer

Ultraviolet analyzers are widely used in laboratories, chemistry, medicine, etc., with precise control, high sensitivity, and low damage to samples.


This instrument is widely used for analysis and testing in the departments of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, food and forensic identification. It can emit long-wave ultraviolet, short-wave ultraviolet and visible light at the same time. The biggest feature of the dark box ultraviolet analyzer is the fully enclosed design, which can be opened and used at any time, and has low power consumption. It is especially suitable for spot and detection of thin layer analysis and paper layer analysis.


1. In biochemistry and medicine, DNA and RNA electrophoresis gel samples can be observed and analyzed, and protein, nucleotide, etc. can be detected.

2. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used to check the quality of fluorescent drugs such as hormone alkaloids and vitamins. It is especially suitable for thin-layer analysis, paper-layer analysis and testing.

3. In the chemical and dye industries, it can identify different kinds of crude oil and rubber products, and measure various fluorescent materials, fluorescent indicators, additives, etc.

4. In the textile industry, it can be used to identify various raw materials such as cotton, synthetic fiber, real silk man-made fiber, wool and so on.

5. In the food industry, it can be used to test the quality of aflatoxins, food additives, grains, vegetables, fruits, cocoa butter, sugar, eggs, etc.

6. Can be used for forensic identification and other occasions.

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ultraviolet analyzer chemistry

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1. The structure of the ultraviolet analyzer:

It is composed of a set of ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths of 254nm and 365nm and color filters. For spotting and positioning the chromatographic plate, there is also an ordinary fluorescent lamp in the seat. The whole machine has simple structure, light weight, strong parts versatility, and convenient use and maintenance.


2. How to distinguish ultraviolet rays?

Short-wave ultraviolet: UVC for short. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200-280nm.

UVB: referred to as UVB. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 280-320nm.

Long wave ultraviolet: UVA for short. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 320-400nm.


3. What are the models of your UV analyzers?

ZF-20D dark box ultraviolet analyzer, ZF7 three-purpose ultraviolet analyzer, ZF-7A portable ultraviolet analyzer, etc.




UV- 100

Color Filter Size (mm)




Long Wave Ultraviolet Ray (Nm)


Short Wave Ultraviolet Ray (Nm)


Voltage (V/Hz)

AC220 50/60

Rated Power (W)




Weight (kg)




size (mm)




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