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ZF-20d ultraviolet analyzer

ZF-20d ultraviolet analyzer

ZZKD sells ultraviolet analyzer equipment, which is cheap. It is made of fully enclosed environmentally-friendly molecular strength ABS material. The injection mold is formed at one time, which is firm and beautiful.


The biggest feature of the dark box UV analyzer is the fully enclosed design, which can be used at any time. Low power consumption, especially suitable for spot and detection of thin layer analysis and paper layer analysis. The overall structure is simple, light and handy, the parts are versatile, and easy to use and maintain.


1. It is made of fully enclosed environment-friendly polymer high-strength ABS material, and the injection mold is formed at one time, which is firm and beautiful.

2. LCD liquid crystal display, switchable display, precise control of 254nm, 365nm ultraviolet light.

3. The super large display screen ensures full display and clear reading in the dark environment.

4. Alarm function: remind the operator after the machine stops running.

5. The angle of the ultraviolet lamp can be adjusted, and its adjustable performance allows the light source to illuminate any position in the dark box. There are movable operation ports on the left and right sides.

6. It has an anti-ultraviolet observation window, which filters out 99% of ultraviolet rays and observes the sample situation in real time, which is more intuitive and safer.

7. Nano medical grade ultraviolet lamp, the ultraviolet intensity reaches 120μW/CM2, which is 3-5 times that of ordinary lamps.

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After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories


1. What are the models of your UV analyzers?

ZF-20D dark box ultraviolet analyzer, ZF7 three-purpose ultraviolet analyzer, UV-100 portable ultraviolet analyzer, etc.


2. How to distinguish ultraviolet rays?

Short-wave ultraviolet: referred to as UVC. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200-280nm.

UVB: referred to as UVB. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 280-320nm.

Long wave ultraviolet: UVA for short. It is ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 320-400nm.


3. Harm of UV analyzer:

The wavelength of the laboratory ultraviolet analyzer is 254nm short-wave ultraviolet and 365nm long-wave ultraviolet.

Short-wave ultraviolet light has a very small physiological effect on human skin.

Ultraviolet rays in the medium wave have certain physiological effects on human skin. Long-term exposure of such ultraviolet rays to the skin will cause erythema, inflammation, and skin aging. In severe cases, it can cause skin cancer. Medium-wave ultraviolet is also called the sunburn (red) section of ultraviolet rays, which is the ultraviolet band that should be prevented.  

The penetration of long-wave ultraviolet rays on clothing and human skin is much stronger than that of medium-wave ultraviolet rays. It can reach deep in the dermis and can act on the melanin in the epidermis, causing skin melanin deposition, darkening the skin, and protecting against ultraviolet rays. Protect the skin. Therefore, the long-wave ultraviolet is also called the "tanning section." Although long-wave ultraviolet light does not cause acute skin inflammation, it has a slow effect on the skin and can accumulate for a long time. It is one of the causes of skin aging and serious damage. To

Therefore, the ultraviolet lamps we are exposed to are short-wave and long-wave, which are not very harmful, but they can hurt the skin.

Friendly reminder: Remember to turn off the UV lamp after completing the experiment. If it is not turned off for a long time, it may cause safety hazards.




UV- 100

Color Filter Size (mm)




Long Wave Ultraviolet Ray (Nm)


Short Wave Ultraviolet Ray (Nm)


Voltage (V/Hz)

AC220 50/60

Rated Power (W)




Weight (kg)




size (mm)




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