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SS Reactor Price

SS Reactor Price

We support customizing 304 (316) stainless steel jacketed reactor with capacities of 20L, 50L, 80L, 100L, etc. ZZKD is a professional laboratory equipment distributor in China.

SS reactor is a container used in the chemical industry to complete the mixing and reaction of substances. It is often used in petrochemical, rubber, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries to complete sulfonation, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes. process, and reaction equipment for many other processes of organic dyes and intermediates. The price of the SS reactor is set by the product function, etc. If necessary, please contact us to inquire about the price of the stainless steel reactor.

Features of stainless steel reactor:

1. Good corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.

2. It can withstand high working pressure, and can also withstand the impact of bulk solid materials when feeding.

3. Frame type, anchor type, paddle type and mixing method can be selected to ensure uniform mixing of materials.

4. Fast heating, high temperature resistance, no environmental pollution.

5. Simple operation and low price.

ss reactor price

The components of the stainless steel reactor:

The SS reaction kettle is mainly composed of five parts: the kettle body, the stirring device, the heat transfer device, the shaft sealing device, and other accessories. Let's introduce the components of the SS reactor.

1. The body part of the SS reactor:

The kettle body of the SS reactor is composed of a cylinder body and upper and lower heads, and the material is generally made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. The kettle body is a space for chemical reactions of materials, usually closed, sometimes open, depending on the reaction medium. Different kettle bodies require different prices for stainless steel reactors.

2. The stirring device of the SS reactor:

The stirring device of the SS reactor is composed of a stirring shaft and a stirrer. The rotation of the stirring device is reduced to a suitable speed by the motor through the reducer, and then driven by the coupling. In order to make the materials mix evenly, make good contact, and improve the reaction efficiency and quality, it is necessary to install a stirring device in the reactor. The vertical stirring shaft is cantilevered. If necessary, intermediate bearings or bottom bearings can also be set in the reactor. The stirring device of a good SS reactor The price of a SS reactor is also high.

3. Heat transfer device of SS reactor:

The inside or outside of the SS reactor body is equipped with a heat transfer device for heating or cooling, usually an external jacket of the reactor body or a coil inside the kettle, and the heat transfer device can be added or subtracted according to the production process.

4. The shaft seal device of the SS reactor:

The stirring shaft of the stainless steel reaction kettle is rotating, but the head of the kettle body is static, so a shaft seal must be carried out at the stirring shaft. The function of the shaft seal is to maintain the pressure or vacuum inside the reactor equipment and prevent the reaction material from escaping. and penetration of impurities. The shaft seal usually adopts packing seal or mechanical seal.

5. Other accessories of the SS reactor:

Other accessories of the reactor refer to its accessories, mainly including manholes, hand holes, various nozzles, thermometers, pressure gauges, sight glasses, safety relief devices, etc. Accessories can be added according to the production process. Different accessories also lead to inconsistent prices for hungry SS reactors.

ss reactor price

Supporting equipment:

SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump

DLSB low temperature coolant circulation pump

GYY circulating water (oil) bath

GDX high and low temperature all-in-one machine

Maintenance of stainless steel reactor:

In production, in order to avoid potential safety hazards in SS reactors, stainless steel reactors require regular safety inspections and maintenance. You can refer to the following points for maintenance of SS reactors:

1. After the SS reactor is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and the remaining water in the tank and pipeline should be drained to ensure that the tank is dry and clean.

2. Periodically add lubricating oil to the parts of the stainless steel reactor to prolong the service life of its parts and improve the use efficiency;

3. Regularly check the body of the SS reactor, whether there is leakage in the pipeline, and repair it in time;

4. Clean up the sewage and garbage in the storage place of the SS reactor at any time, and the waste caused by the use process should be promptly and quickly removed

5. If the stainless steel mixing tank is not used temporarily, it should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before storage.

ss reactor price


1. What should be paid attention to when feeding the stainless steel jacketed reactor?

When adding materials, do not directly add large and hard materials. Avoid dropping metal and other hard objects into the reactor. When feeding the stainless steel jacketed reactor, do not add cold material to the hot reactor or heat the material in the cold reactor.

2. How to maintain the stainless steel jacketed reactor?

Safety valves, thermometers, distillation holes, pressure gauges, electrical instruments, etc. must be checked regularly. When the equipment is not in use, it should be scrubbed frequently to keep the inner and outer tanks clean to achieve the purpose of durability.

3. What are the heating methods of the stainless steel jacketed reactor?

The heating method can be steam heating, electric heating, heat conduction oil heating, etc.






SS304 stainless steel

Power Supply

220V  50/60 Hz; 110v 60hz/ 240V60hz

Stirring Power(W )


Stirring speed(rpm)


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