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WBFY-205 microwave chemical reactor

WBFY-205 microwave chemical reactor

ZZKD is a manufacturer and supplier of microwave chemical reactors. The microwave chemical reactors we sell are cheap, durable and safe.


The microwave chemical reactor adopts microcomputer technology and unique microwave adjustment technology to achieve continuous adjustment of microwave power. It has a power meter display. Its operation is simple and the repeatability is good. For experiments that need to explore microwave catalytic reaction conditions, especially for those requirements The science and practicality of chemical experiments with low power and hope to maintain continuous microwave radiation have been ideally brought into play.


1. Imported high-precision vacuum deposition sputtering thin-film platinum resistance, its performance is better than ordinary wire-wound platinum resistance.

2. Use adaptive PID adjustment technology: effectively overcome the occurrence of overshoot.

3. The continuous microwave output mode ensures that there is microwave at all times during the experiment.

4. Quick response ability. It can quickly start, stop and adjust the output power, and the operation is simple.

5. Microwave power frequency conversion control.

6. Open reaction system: standard-mouth reaction vessels and devices for condensing and condensing flow, dripping, rehydration and water separation can be installed arbitrarily according to the reaction conditions.

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After sale:

Free maintenance for life

Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories


1. Does the microwave chemical reactor have safety protection function?

Magnetron overheating protection function: When the magnetron temperature is too high due to excessive use time or abnormal conditions, the machine can automatically cut off the magnetron power to avoid damage to the magnetron.

The microwave reactor has a safe interlock switch: opening the furnace door under any circumstances will stop microwave radiation, ensuring the safety of users.


2. What is the maximum degree of microwave chemical reactor?

The temperature range is 0-250℃, and it has a temperature error correction function, and the temperature control accuracy is


3. What are the models of microwave chemical reactors?

WBFY-201, WBFY-205, MRC-3, etc.



Rated power consumption(W)


Rated maximum output power(W)


Maximum input current(A)


Operating voltage(v)


Frequency(M hz)

Adjustable size

Chamber size(mm)


Packing size (mm)


G.W. (Kg)


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