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MRC-3 microwave chemical reactor

MRC-3 microwave chemical reactor

The microwave chemical reactor is widely used in laboratories, industries, schools and other places. Its inner shell is made of stainless steel, which is durable, reliable and safe.


The microwave chemical reactor has brought a great impact to the field of chemistry, especially the field of organic synthesis. Microwave chemical reactors are used in organic synthesis reactions, and the reaction speed is thousands of times faster than conventional methods. And can synthesize substances that are difficult to synthesize by conventional methods. It is widely used in materials, pharmacy, chemical industry and related teaching and scientific research fields.


1. Two control modes: constant temperature control mode and constant power control mode.

2. Microwave power: 0-750 continuous and automatic adjustment.

3. Large-screen LCD display: screen size 120×80mm, three-screen display, five-stage reaction conditions, temperature curve, 4. temperature correction. Real-time display: reaction temperature, reaction time, power usage.

5. Adaptive PID temperature adjustment technology, suitable for temperature control under different mathematical models.

6. Built-in magnetic stirrer, the stirring speed is steplessly adjustable.

Industrial microwave chemical reactor

Industrial microwave chemical reactor

continuous microwave chemical reactor

Laboratory continuous microwave chemical reactor

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1. What are the models of microwave chemical reactors?

WBFY-201, WBFY-205, MRC-3, etc.


2. What is the principle of microwave heating?

Microwave heating is the use of microwaves as an energy source. When microwaves interact with material molecules, they produce molecular polarization, orientation, friction, collision, and absorption of microwave energy to produce thermal effects. This heating method is called microwave heating.


3. What are the precautions for using microwave chemical reactor?

Please close the reactor door; do not turn on the microwave when there is no load in the oven cavity; place the microwave chemical reactor horizontally; do not put metal objects in the oven cavity; do not cover the blinds outside the reactor to avoid poor heat dissipation And cause instrument damage.



Power supply

AC 220±10%50Hz

Total input power


Microwave frequency


Microwave output mode

continuous wave

Macrowave output power

s750w(Continuously adjustable automatically)

Temperature measurement accuracy


Temperature control accuracy


Temperature measurement method

contact PTFE temperature sensor

Maximum use temperature

≤250°C(optional setting)

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