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WBFY-201 microwave chemical reactor

WBFY-201 microwave chemical reactor

ZZKD is a manufacturer of microwave chemical reactors in China. Our microwave chemical reactors and systems are widely used in materials, pharmacy, chemical engineering and related teaching and scientific research fields.


The microwave chemical reactor can control the microwave temperature, and adjust the timing function and power. It has functions such as over-temperature protection and abnormal sensor protection. The inner shell is made of stainless steel, which is durable, reliable and safe.


1. Safe interlock switch. Open the oven door under any circumstances to stop the microwave output. And equipped with protective gas inlet.

2. Open reaction system, according to the reaction conditions, a standard reaction vessel (volume 10-500ml) and devices for condensing reflux, dripping, liquid replenishment and water separation can be added arbitrarily.

3. The contact type tetrafluoroethylene temperature sensor can detect the internal temperature of the reaction system. The temperature measurement accuracy is 0.2, and the temperature control accuracy is less than ±1℃. The temperature control range is 0-250℃, and it has a temperature error correction function.

4. Temperature error correction function, if there is an error between the displayed temperature and the actual temperature, it can be automatically corrected.

5. The distribution of keys conforms to operating habits, with reasonable spacing and voice prompt function.

6. Display real-time curve function: Let you view the temperature change more intuitively.

Continuous microwave chemical reactor machine

Continuous microwave chemical reactor equipment

Continuous microwave chemical reactor system

Continuous microwave chemical reactor made in china

After sale:

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Technical engineers can receive overseas training

Remote technical consultation

Video guide installation

Free replacement of some accessories


1. What are the requirements for the working environment of the microwave chemical reactor?

Must be placed horizontally. The top reflux device or liquid filling device should be fixed with the iron frame used in the experiment. No other objects should be placed within 15cm of the back vent. It is not allowed to remove the furnace foot and place it.


2. How does the heating part of the microwave chemical reactor work?

The heating part of the microwave chemical reactor is designed at the bottom and both sides of the box. The object heats itself after absorbing the microwave. The heating starts from the inside and outside of the object at the same time, which can be heated at the same time. The user can achieve the best temperature for use by setting the button.


3. What are the power requirements for microwave chemical reactors?

The ideal power supply is a regulated power supply. If there is no regulated power supply, there should be a dedicated power supply line, not collinear with other large equipment. The circuit must be well grounded. Use a fuse above 8A.



Rated power consumption(W)


Rated maximum output power(W)


Maximum input current(A)


Operating voltage(v)


Frequency(M hz)


Chamber size(mm)


Packing size (mm)


G.W. (Kg)


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