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ZNCL-BS magnetic stirrer

ZNCL-BS magnetic stirrer

This magnetic stirrer can be widely used in the fields of microorganisms, laboratories, chemistry, etc. It is resistant to high temperature, wear resistance, chemical corrosion, and strong magnetism.


The magnetic stirrer is driven by a micro-motor to drive a high temperature resistant strong magnet to rotate to generate a rotating magnetic field to drive the stirrer in the container to rotate, thereby stirring, mixing or auxiliary heating the liquid in the container, so that the solution can be fully mixed at the set temperature. Used in biology, medicine, chemistry and other fields.


1. LCD screen, menu-style operation interface, temperature, speed and countdown and other parameters are displayed on one screen, easy to understand, easy to observe and operate.

2. It has microcomputer control technology to ensure that the rotation speed remains constant when the stirring viscosity changes constantly.

3. The alarm indicator for excessive top plate temperature can prevent accidental injury.

4. The magnetic stirrer adopts square ceramic, metal surface, anti-corrosion, smooth and easy to clean.

5. Stepless speed regulation line, stable speed.

6. Large output torque, suitable for stirring low-viscosity and large-capacity solutions or high-viscosity and small-capacity solutions.

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1. What is the working principle of a magnetic stirrer?

Utilizing the characteristics of the same repulsion of magnetic materials, the magnetic stirrer is driven to rotate by continuously changing the polarity, and the sample is rotated by the rotation of the magnetic stirrer, so that the sample is evenly mixed; the sample is heated by the bottom temperature control plate, and the magnetic stirrer The rotation makes the sample evenly heated to reach the specified temperature; through the heating power adjustment, the heating speed can be controlled to suit more sample processing procedures.


2. What is the purpose of the magnetic stirrer?

Magnetic stirrer is a laboratory instrument used for liquid mixing, mainly used for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring liquid or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity.


3. How to use magnetic stirrer?

Place the test bottle (or other utensils) containing the solution and stir bar on the work panel.

Turn on the external power supply, turn on the power switch, and set the required speed.

Choose a constant temperature.




220V   50\60Hz

Stirring speed

50-1800r/min, No polar adjust

Heating power


Temperature accuracy


Temperature control

Intelligence control. Inside, outside probe.

Temperature range



Water 10-25 mins

Furnace wire


Heating palate size


140*140 180*180

230*230 280*280


Black crystal ceramic


ø5×20  15A

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