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Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

ZZKD sells large volume magnetic stirrer machine equipment, which is cheap, stable in speed, low in noise, and long in life. It is especially suitable for microbiology, laboratory, chemical and other fields.

The magnetic stirrer with hot plate adopts a Japanese DC motor, and the shell is electrostatically sprayed, which is beautiful in appearance and durable. 304 stainless steel work surface, stepless adjustable speed and temperature; heating plate power 300w, stirring volume can be between 20ml-1000ml.

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate features:

1. The magnetic stirrer is made of round ceramic, metal surface, anti-corrosion, smooth and easy to clean.

2. The base material of the heating table is aluminum alloy, and the exterior is sprayed with composite material coating, which has good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The smooth mixing table is easy to clean and leaves no residue of contaminants.

3. Using patented synthetic crystal heating coating, the heating life is ten times that of the heating wire. In addition, the heating temperature can be stabilized at 300°C.

4. Built-in thermal shutdown function and overload current protection function.

5. Adopt brushless DC motor, stable performance, low noise, long life and no spark.

6. Quick response brushless DC motor, which can stop stirring immediately.

magnetic stirrer with hot plate

Instructions for use of magnetic stirrer with hot plate:

1. Before plugging in the power, adjust the temperature and speed to zero. Then connect the main power cable to the front: Power supply. Place the vessel or heating bath together with a magnetic stir bar. The stir bar should be placed in the center of the heating plate

2. Place the vessel or heating bath together with the magnetic stir bar. The stir bar should be placed in the center of the heating plate.

3. Turn on the power switch

4. Fill the container with the solution to be heated.

5. If using MS300HS and stirring function, please put the stirring rod into the container.

6. Center the container on the top surface.

7. Turn on the power switch. Then the hot top indicator Lamp will come on.

8. Heat the control knob until the desired temperature is reached.

9. Temperature Indicator Lights up when the Lamp heater is running. When desired heating is complete, turn the heat control knob to the "0" position. and remove the container from the device.

10. Disconnect the mains power cord from the unit. When not using the machine for a long time, please keep the product dry and clean, and disconnect the main power cord

magnetic stirrer with hot plate

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate precautions:

1. Keep the product dry and clean

2. Do not immerse the product in water for cleaning.

3. Do not heat or stir volatile or flammable materials.

4. If subjected to impact, the top surface of the ceramic coating may crack

5. The maximum sample volume stirring capacity is 5L

6. These devices are not explosion-proof or spark-proof.

7. Do not use this product near volatile or flammable materials.

8. Do not use this product with metal containers.

magnetic stirrer with hot plate


1. How to maintain the magnetic stirrer with hot plate after use?

After work, set the speed control knob and temperature setting to the minimum position, turn off the power switch, cut off the power supply, and wipe clean the work panel, column and fixtures. No water droplets or dirt residues are allowed on it.

2. Precautions for using magnetic stirrer with hot plate:

When you find that the stirring rod is jumping or not stirring during stirring, please cut off the power and check whether the beaker is flat and the position is centered. The machine can be used continuously, and the medium speed can prolong the life of the instrument. The power socket should be a three-hole safety socket, which must be properly grounded. The instrument should be kept clean and dry to prevent the solution from flowing into the machine, so as not to damage the machine. The power should be cut off when not working.

3. What is a magnetic stirrer with hot plate?

A magnetic stirrer with hot plate is a laboratory instrument used for mixing liquids. Mainly used for stirring or stirring low viscosity liquid or solid mixture at the same time.




220V   50\60Hz

Stirring speed

50-1800r/min, No polar adjust

Heating power


Temperature accuracy


Temperature control

Intelligence control. Inside, outside probe.

Temperature range



Water 10-25 mins

Furnace wire


Heating palate size


140*140 180*180

230*230 280*280


Black crystal ceramic


ø5×20  15A

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