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TGYF-C Lab Scale HIgh Pressure Reactor

TGYF-C Lab Scale HIgh Pressure Reactor

The TGYF-C desktop high-pressure stirring kettle is made of stainless steel and lined with PTFE. It has good air tightness and can fully stir various materials under high pressure, vacuum and temperature.

What is TGYF-C Laboratory High Pressure Reactor?

TGYF-C desktop high-pressure stirred tank is widely used in chemical, laboratory and other places. It is lined with PTFE, which has good air tightness. It can fully stir various materials under high pressure, vacuum and temperature. TGYF-C desktop high-pressure reactor is a simple bottom heating and stirring high-pressure reactor produced according to the functional characteristics of the high-pressure reactor according to the customer's requirements. It can work with electric blast drying oven, constant temperature oil/water bath, low temperature tank and other products. TGYF-C desktop high-pressure stirring kettle is made of stainless steel, and can be configured with computer communication terminals. TGYF-C desktop high-pressure stirring kettle can be customized according to customer needs Customize volume size.

The composition of TGYF-C autoclave:

Stirring method: magnetic stirring at the bottom, there is no problem of shaft seal leakage and maintenance, ensuring no leakage, no exposed rotating parts, and the test is safer.

Stirring motor: imported high-power motor, strong and stable performance.

Gas inlet valve: gas inlet needle valve.

Sampling valve: The sampling valve is convenient for the experimenter to take samples and analyze the reaction process at any time during the reaction process.

Exhaust valve: It is convenient for vacuum treatment of the system and the use of gas replacement before the reaction, and it is used as a vent valve at the end of the reaction.

Pressure gauge: monitor the reaction temperature in the kettle in real time.

Temperature probe: The temperature probe can penetrate deep into the reactor body to monitor the reaction temperature in real time.

Heating unit: modular heating, fast heating, precise control, digital display on the screen.

the composition of TGYF-C autoclave

Features of laboratory high-pressure reactor:

1. The laboratory high-pressure reactor is small in size, and the structure of the whole machine is simple and reliable.

2. Equipped with original imported DC motor, pressure gauge, explosion-proof device, air intake valve, sampling valve and temperature probe as standard, which can facilitate the reaction test.

3. The reactor body and heater of the laboratory high-pressure reactor can be quickly separated, and the reactor body can be cooled quickly.

4. The rotational speed and temperature are digitally displayed, which is accurate and beautiful.

5. Temperature control adopts coded switch operation, digital display, timing function, self-tuning function, high measurement accuracy, small temperature fluctuation, 160-240V wide voltage power supply, and power-off protection function.

6. The casing adopts a one-time flame-retardant reinforced PBT injection molding casing, which is high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, and has good insulation performance.

7. The sloped control panel is ideal for sitting and standing viewing angles.

8. The body is designed with an overflow tank, the liquid flows to both sides of the machine through the overflow tank, and will not flow to the body or panel.

9. The high-pressure reactor has stepless speed regulation, which is stable at low speed and powerful at high speed.

features of laboratory high-pressure reactor

Applications and advantages of laboratory autoclave:

TGYF-C laboratory high pressure reactor is suitable for various reactions such as gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid gas, etc. This device mainly adopts static sealing structure, which can completely solve the leakage problem of stirring and make the whole medium And the stirring parts are completely in an absolutely sealed state to work. Therefore, it is more suitable for stirring reaction of various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious media and other chemical media with strong penetration. The product integrates stirring, heating, and reaction, and combines a magnetic stirrer with a stainless steel reaction kettle. The equipment is more versatile and the user costs less. Widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, biochemical, medical, scientific research and other fields.












Stirring speed

1800 r/min

Heating power





Heating mode

Modular electrical heating

Stirring method

Magnetically coupled stirring


Stainless steel 304, 316

Display method

Screen digital display

Connection mode

flange connection


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