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Vacuum filter machine

Vacuum filter machine

The vacuum filter machine equipment kit has a capacity of 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, etc., and is widely used in laboratories, chemistry, industry and other fields.


Vacuum filter is mainly used for liquid-liquid extraction. It is widely used in scientific research on biochemical drugs, sanitary testing, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage and liquid preliminary filters.


1. The suction filter bottle is made of GG17 high borosilicate glass with excellent chemical and physical properties.

2. The stainless steel funnel is not easy to rust, high temperature resistance and corrosion protection.

3. The mixing plug designed with special PTFE material has perfect technology, high corrosion resistance and high cost performance.

4. The lower discharge port is equipped with a specially designed PTFE valve with a glass flange. There is no dead corner in the container, it can be disassembled to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.

5. The whole machine has good sealing performance, and the static negative pressure can reach below 0.095MPa.

6. The whole machine structure is scientific. The frame is made of 304 stainless steel with casters for easy movement.

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1. What are the models of the vacuum filter?

ZF-10L, ZF-20L, ZF-30L, ZF-50L, etc.


2. How does the vacuum filter work?

The vacuum filter is to form negative pressure at the outlet of the filtrate as the driving force for filtration. This filter is divided into two types: intermittent operation and continuous operation. The intermittent operation vacuum filter can filter suspensions of various concentrations and operate continuously The vacuum filter is suitable for filtering thick suspensions containing more solid particles.


3. What is the purpose of the vacuum filter?

The vacuum filter uses the suction power of a vacuum pump to filter. The material of the vacuum filter is 304, 316 stainless steel; the thickened glass bottle, glass bottle and stainless steel funnel are sealed with PTFE. The vacuum filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, electric power metallurgy, mining, agriculture, etc. .






Filter bottle mouth







 Funnel meterial


 Funnel size(mm)





Sealing material and size





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