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Ultra low temperature upright freezer

Ultra low temperature upright freezer

Ultra-low temperature refrigerators are also called ultra low temperature deep freezer and ultra-low temperature undercounter freezer. It is widely used to store vaccines, medicines, etc.


Ultra-low temperature refrigerators can be used to store viruses, bacterial samples, vaccines, biological tissues and organs, special foods, medicines, preparations, materials, etc. Mainly used in scientific research, biomedicine, electronics, chemical industry, machining industry, ocean fishery, etc.


1. Adopt microcomputer control system and digital temperature display to ensure accurate and stable operation.

2. Precise electronic temperature control with an accuracy of 0.1℃.

3. Original imported compressor, environmentally friendly and efficient hydrocarbon refrigerant, fast cooling speed, high cooling efficiency, low power consumption.

4. The evaporator adopts high-efficiency heat transfer copper tubes, which are pre-embedded on the wall of the inner box to conduct cooling and save internal space.

5. The high-density insulation foam layer adopts environmentally friendly cyclopentane foaming agent, which has good insulation effect.

6. It has the functions of high and low temperature alarm in the box, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, and abnormal door opening and closing alarm.

7. Power failure protection: The refrigerator has a delayed start function to avoid circuit breaker protection when multiple devices start at the same time when the power grid is restored.

8. Quiet design, suitable for quiet environment.

9. Safety door lock design to ensure the safety of stored items.

10. Height adjustable shelf design, adjust the height according to the different items, improve the space utilization.

11. The universal brake caster design is convenient for users to move the equipment.

Best ultra low temperature freezer

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Best ultra low temperature freezer

ultra low temperature freezer medical

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1. What are the precautions for using ultra-low temperature refrigerators?

When starting up for the first time or when the storage box is not used for a long time, test the battery condition. The battery power may be low because its rechargeable battery has been safely discharged. This does not mean a malfunction. In this case, to fully empty the battery, you need to keep the storage box running for about 10 hours.

When the storage box is running, heat may be generated around the door frame of the box shell. This is not a malfunction. In order to prevent condensation around the cabinet shell, a defrosting pipe is installed around the cabinet opening.

Before putting the items in the storage box, make sure that the temperature inside the box has dropped sufficiently, and then put the items in batches to prevent their temperature from rising.

The temperature display value of the cryogenic storage box is to display the temperature at the temperature probe in the storage room. Although the displayed temperature sometimes differs from the actual temperature in the center of the storage room, it will gradually approach the true temperature.


2. What are the main uses of ultra-low temperature refrigerators?

Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical factories, universities, blood stations, disease prevention and control centers, laboratories, bioengineering institutes, scientific research, etc.


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