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25L Supercritical CO2 extraction machine

25L Supercritical CO2 extraction machine

ZZKD is a manufacturer of supercritical co2 extraction machines in China, and we sell supercritical co2 extraction machines. It is cheap and safe to use.


The supercritical co2 extraction machine not only can complete deacidification, decolorization and deodorization in the extractor at one time, but also uses CO2 as the extractant to ensure no pollution, no residue, and pure naturalness. Compared with traditional extraction methods, the supercritical co2 extraction machine has great advantages in the extraction of plant extracts and essential oils in terms of the purity of plant extracts, the extraction rate, the content of active ingredients, and the color and aroma of essential oils.


1. The extraction temperature is low, usually no more than 80°C (mostly around 50°C), which will not destroy the natural activity of the active ingredients.

2. The extraction speed is fast, non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use, and does not pollute the environment.

3. Containers, valves, pipe fittings and pipelines that contact fluids are all made of stainless steel.

4. The temperature and pressure warning lights on the top of the operating platform. There are over-temperature, over-pressure reminders, safer.

5. The extraction kettle and separation kettle have dual functions of heating and cooling.

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After sale:

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1.What are the applications of supercritical co2 extraction machine?

The characteristics of supercritical CO2 extraction determine its wide range of applications. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for the extraction of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, the refining of heat-sensitive biological products, and the separation of lipid mixtures; in the food industry, the extraction of hops, the extraction of pigments, etc.; in the perfume industry, natural and Refining of synthetic spices; separation of mixtures in the chemical industry, etc.


2.What is the effect of the extraction temperature on the supercritical co2 extraction machine?

The influence of temperature on the dissolving ability of supercritical fluids is more complicated. Under a certain pressure, increasing the temperature will increase the volatility of the extract, thus increasing the concentration of the extract in the supercritical gas phase, thereby increasing the extraction volume; On the other hand, as the temperature increases, the density of the supercritical fluid decreases, so that the solubility decreases, and the extraction volume decreases.


3.What is the effect of extraction pressure on the supercritical co2 extraction machine?

The extraction pressure is one of the most important parameters of supercritical extraction. When the extraction temperature increases, the pressure increases, the fluid density increases, and the solvent strength increases, so the solubility of the solvent increases.

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