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Soxhlet extractor kit

Soxhlet extractor kit

Our soxhlet extractor apparatus kit system is mainly used in cbd industrial and so on. There are 100, 125 ml, 250ml, 500ml and other capacities to choose from.


Soxhlet extractor, also known as fat extractor or fat extractor. It is a device developed by Soxhlet extraction technology for laboratory determination of fat content. It has reasonable design, stable performance, labor-saving operation, and time-saving. The extraction method meets the (GB5512-85) standard, and various indicators and performance All meet the requirements of similar products.


1.Save solvent. After completing a solvent extraction, the solution is heated, and the volatilized solvent is condensed through the condenser, re-enters the extraction environment, and starts a new extraction process.

2.The extraction has a high degree of completion, which can be used for multiple solvent extractions, and the utilization rate is relatively high.

3.High raw material utilization rate.

4.Small size, rapid heating in water bath and uniform heating.

5.All the instruments adopt glass ground joints to avoid leakage problems.

6.Digital display temperature control, precise temperature control, simple and convenient operation.

soxhlet extractor kit

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After sale:

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1. What are the components of Soxhlet extraction?

The Soxhlet extractor is composed of three parts: an extraction bottle, an extraction tube, and a condenser. There are siphons and connecting pipes on both sides of the extraction tube. The connections of each part should be tight and not leaky.


2. How does Soxhlet extraction work?

The solid substance is continuously extracted by the pure solvent, which not only saves the solvent extraction efficiency, but also higher. In order to increase the solid-liquid contact area, the solid is ground before extraction. Then, the solid material is placed in the filter paper sleeve and placed in the extractor. The lower end of the extractor is connected to the round bottom flask containing the solvent, and the reflux condenser is connected to the upper part. The round-bottom flask is heated, the solvent is boiled, and the steam is extracted through the ascending branch tube extractor. After condensation, the steam is dripped into the extractor for extraction. When the solid solvent is higher than the siphon tube, the solid extract is siphoned back into the flask and a part of it is extracted. Among the materials, the solid materials are continuously purified into pure materials by solvent extraction to extract the concentration of the materials in the flask. Liquid-solid extraction is used to achieve the purpose of extraction and separation through a solvent in which components have high solubility in a solid mixture and impurities have low solubility.


3. What is the application range of Soxhlet extraction?

The instrument is used in food, oil, feed, soil and other samples with residual oil content in the range of 0.5%-60%.


4. How to use Soxhlet extraction?

Grind the solid matter before extraction to increase the solid-liquid contact area. Then, the solid matter is placed in the filter paper bag and placed in the extractor. Add petroleum ether (or diethyl ether) to the extraction bottle, heat the extraction bottle, the petroleum ether is vaporized, and it rises from the connecting pipe into the condenser, and the condensed liquid drips into the extraction pipe to extract the lipids in the sample. When the petroleum ether liquid level in the extraction tube reaches a certain height, the petroleum ether dissolved in crude fat flows into the extraction bottle through the siphon. The petroleum ether flowing into the extraction bottle continues to be heated to vaporize, rise, and condense, and then drip into the extraction tube. This cycle repeats so that the solid matter is continuously extracted by the pure leaching solvent, and the extracted material is enriched in the extraction bottle. Until the extraction is complete.

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