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Spray dryer operation manual and conditions

Our spray dryer has high borosilicate glass spray dryer. 304 stainless steel spray dryer, centrifugal spray dryer, etc. They use stainless steel nozzles with high efficiency and good atomization effect.

spray dryer operation manual

The working principle of spray dryer:

The air passes through the filter and heater and enters the air distributor on the top of the centrifugal spray dryer. The hot air enters the dryer evenly in a spiral shape. The material liquid is sent to the centrifugal atomizer on the top of the dryer by the feed pump, so that the material liquid is sprayed into very small mist droplets. The material liquid and the hot air are in cocurrent contact, and the water evaporates quickly and is dried in a very short time. The finished product is collected by the collecting tube at the bottom of the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is discharged by the fan.

spray dryer operation conditions

spray dryer operation conditions:

1. When connecting the power supply, be sure to ground it.

2. Please control the pressurized air to a stable pressure below 0.3MPa.

3. The outlet temperature will cause deterioration of the suction and exhaust hose material, filter material, and blast performance. Please do not exceed 100°C. The heater will automatically stop once it exceeds 110°C.

4. Please make sure that there is no gap in the set position of the glass set, and then turn on the blower, heater, etc. after fixing it.

5. Do not use flammable organic solvents in the sample solvent. When using organic solvents, please connect the optional organic solution recovery device.

6. When the heater is ON, please do not leave the cap and spray nozzle socket open for a long time. Be sure to let the wind pass through the heater part. At least, let the air flow rate be 0.1~0.2/min.

7. When the sample cannot be sprayed, considering whether the mesh of the spray nozzle is blocked, please press the valve core on the nozzle to squeeze out the blockage of the mesh. When the sample at the tip of the nozzle is attached in the shape of an icicle, please shake off the sample with the pulse jet switch on the touch screen.

8. When the liquid feeding pump cannot allow the sample to be transported, please check whether the roller part of the pump has not completely squashed the sample hose, whether the inner wall of the hose is stuck together and is not restored, or the inside of the nozzle is blocked, etc., etc., etc., etc. Run again after reaching the normal state.

9. Do not run when no one is there. When the sample is used up, idling and nozzle clogging will cause the outlet temperature to rise, and the sample hose will slip out of the nozzle, causing the sample to flow out, etc., and unexpected accidents occur.

10. If it is a silicone hose, it is easy to be corroded by halogen-based solvents and acids (concentrated), causing expansion and fracture, etc., so be careful during operation.

11. When the inlet temperature is set to high temperature for use, if the air volume of the blower flows excessively, due to the heater capacity, the set temperature may not be reached. At this time, either reduce the air volume for operation, or increase the set temperature for operation. When the set temperature is increased, the set value is inconsistent with the actual inlet temperature. And, when the inlet temperature exceeds 230°C or the outlet temperature exceeds 110°C, the heater automatically stops. When not in use, turn off the leakage protection switch on the right side of the device.

12. Depending on the used samples, operating environment, and conditions, static electricity may easily be generated in the cyclone. Either install the attached grounding terminal on the clip of the cyclone connection part, or install a static elimination brush on the body of the cyclone.

13. If there is a leak between the product container and the metal cover of the lower part of the cyclone, the dry powder will accumulate in the lower part of the cyclone and may not fall into the product container, so be careful when installing the product container.

14. Since the volume of the product container is about 750mL, the general powder is about 200~250g, which accounts for about 80% of its volume. If it continues to run, the collection efficiency of the powder will decrease. The operation should be stopped first, and the collected powder should be taken out.

15. Due to the difference of the samples, static electricity may easily be generated in the cyclone part, please use an appropriate method to remove it. Wrap a metal wire on the glass part, although the grounding effect is obvious, it is more convenient to use a static eliminator to touch the cyclone vertically.

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