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How to use a rotary evaporator?

Rotary evaporators are mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical, biopharmaceutical and other industries. The principle is as follows: Under vacuum conditions, the rotating bottle rotates at a constant speed under constant temperature heating, forming a large-area film on the bottle wall. affect evaporation. 

The solvent vapor is cooled with a high-efficiency glass condenser and recovered from the collection bottle, which greatly improves the evaporation efficiency, especially in selection. It is used to concentrate and purify biological products that are easily decomposed and denatured at high temperature.

Usually a small rotary evaporator consists of four components, they are:

1. Heating the bath

2. Rotary transmission

3. Condenser

4. Solvent collection bottle.

How to use the rotary evaporator

RE-201D 301 501 rotary evaporator

How to use the rotary evaporator:

1. Vacuum extraction: According to the process requirements, the higher the vacuum degree, the faster the evaporation rate. The recovery rate can be improved by fine-tuning.

2. Feeding: Connect the leather tube and the feeding tube (compatible with the solvent) into the reservoir, and use the negative pressure in the system without utilizing the negative pressure in the system. Break ingredients into swirling bottles. The capacity is generally not more than half.

3. Turn on cooling water: (A) Tap water can be recycled. (B) Recovery with chilled water. The lower the water temperature, the better the effect.

4. Turn on the power of the water bath: (green indicator light is on), adjust the temperature control knob to the set temperature (red light when heating). The accurate water temperature should be measured directly with a thermometer, and the temperature should be controlled within the range of 0°99°C.

5. Water bath height: (A) Usually immersed in 1/3/1/2 spinner bottle. (B) The height of the water bath can balance the weight and buoyancy of the rotating bottle. When loading and unloading the rotating bottle, the optimal water level is equal to the water level in the bottle.

6. Easy rotation: open the beginning of the electric control box, adjust the knob from the slow speed, the best speed avoids the resonance fluctuation of the water bath.

7. Solvent recovery: turn off the vacuum pump, turn on the feed switch to deflate, turn on the discharge piston, and release the solution in the collection bottle. liquid

8. At the end of the work, cut off the water tub into the line power switch and turn off the water source.

How to use the rotary evaporator

1. Q: What is the core technology of rotary evaporator?

Answer: It is the airtightness of the system, that is, whether the system can maintain a high degree of vacuum under the erosion of various solvents and in the state of motion. The R-series rotary evaporator is sealed with Teflon material and glass, which is resistant to various solvents, has durable and reliable air tightness, and can maintain a high vacuum degree above -0.098MPa.

2. Q: What are the main factors that affect the efficiency of the rotary evaporator?

Answer: As far as the same specification machine is concerned, there are mainly: steam temperature, vacuum degree and cooling water temperature. Restricted by the heat resistance of some materials, it is impossible to increase the steam temperature infinitely during work, so high vacuum degree and low cooling water temperature are the two main factors to improve efficiency (low temperature coolant circulation pump can be used to reduce water temperature. Our company It can be matched with various types of cryogenic pumps).

3. Q: What is the difference between vertical condenser and inclined condenser?

Answer: There is no significant difference in essence. Vertical condensers are gaining popularity due to their small footprint. Large-capacity evaporators generally use vertical condensers.

4. Q: What is the basis for the design of the lift of the main engine and the lift of the water bath?

Answer: Based on the principle of convenience, safety and economy, the international general small machine (below 5L) lifts the host, the water bath above 5L lifts the humidity sensor probe, the stainless steel electric heating tube, the PT100 sensor, the fluid solenoid valve, the cast aluminum heater, the heating ring .

5. Q: How does the rotary evaporator compare with other types of evaporators?

A: Its main advantages are small structure, compact and efficient, intuitive work, no metal ion pollution. It is suitable for laboratory, production pilot test and extraction of precious materials. Its sealing performance is comparable to that of foreign machines.

6. Q: How to choose vacuum pump for rotary evaporator?

A: The circulating water vacuum pump is recommended, its advantage is that it is resistant to various solvents and can be vacuumed to -0.098MPa (to meet the requirements of use). Different types of vacuum pumps can be selected according to the volume of the evaporator. Our factory can supply various types of vacuum pumps.

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