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How much is essential oil distiller

The essential oil extraction equipment we sell includes RY-TQ-10, RY-TQ-20, RY-TQ-30, RY-TQ-50, etc. They are all made of high borosilicate glass, polytetrafluoroethylene, 304 stainless steel and other materials. Strong and durable, high extraction rate, thorough separation of oil and water, wide application range. If you need to get the price, you can send us an email directly on the website. We will give you a cheap price.

 how much is essential oil distiller

It is suitable for the distillation and extraction process of plant leaves, flowers and grasses containing oil components in cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine, health products, biological pharmacy, food and other industries. The essential oil extraction equipment integrates the extraction and collection of plant volatile oil. The structure is exquisite, and it is very suitable for the production and use of multiple varieties and small batches in universities, research institutes, laboratory R&D departments and pharmaceutical factories.


Our essential oil extraction equipment has the following advantages:

1. The extraction speed is fast, non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use, and does not pollute the environment.

2. Our essential oil extraction equipment uses heat transfer oil for indirect heating, which can reach a high temperature of 100C quickly under the conditions of ensuring cleanliness, safety and normal temperature. It can be matched with a vacuum pump to guide the steam quickly through the condenser, and quickly collect the easy-to-evaporate grease into the oil-water separator.

3. Distillation tank volume: 3~100 liters (optional).

4. The condenser and oil-water separator are made of high boronized glass, which is resistant to high temperature and not easily broken. From the separation of essential oil to collection, it is completely visible. (Stainless steel SUS304 material can also be used).

5. The water vapor distillation unit is a special jacketed distillation basket structure that facilitates the separation of materials and solutions, and solves the problems of difficult slag discharge and blockage of the discharge port in the past.

6. The condenser adopts water drop type or short-distance reflux type to quickly cool the steam, so as to further effectively improve the collection rate of essential oil, improve production efficiency, and reduce production and experimental costs.

7. The whole machine is operated with a digital display control system and a touch screen dynamic display control system, which can be customized according to actual requirements.

8. Our essential oil extraction equipment can be used for co-distillation, water-distillation, and atmospheric extraction.

9. Equipped with liquid level control, glass level trial glasses, lighted sight glasses, and the entire extraction process is carried out in a visual state.

10. The overall structure of the equipment is compact, the site area is small, the actual area is about 1M2, and the production operation conforms to GMP medical standards. To


The scope of application of essential oil extraction equipment includes:

1: Conventional plant flowers and leaves: CBD, rose, osmanthus, wild mountain chrysanthemum, lavender, wormwood, rosemary, winter plum, sophora japonica, primrose, mint, thyme, lemon balm, chamomile, vetiver, lemon mold Grass, agarwood, etc.

2: Plant rhizomes: agarwood, ginger, aloe, cloves, etc.

3: Plant fruits: passion fruit, pepper (only pepper aroma, no hemp, no bitterness). Castor, star anise, grape seed, lemon, etc.

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